Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Simple fare- Dudhi bhoplyachi bhaji

These days M keeps ranting about me being a 'Spicitarian' and not a 'Vegetarian'.. that I need 'garam masala' in everything... Wrong!!! I don't need garam masala in everything.. and that was what I was about to prove!
I always associated doodhi with doodhi halwa, since I am partial to sweets and otherwise a 'not so tasty' vegetable. But the simple way in which my mother prepared it with no spices tasted very nice. To my surprise, all my friends in school also liked this version (I was one of those kids who did NOT like 'roti-subzi' in my lunch box, but sometimes condescended!). My fondest memories of eating roti-subzi are at home, sitting cross legged at the dining table and my Mom serving hot fulkas with home made ghee smeared on it with a generous helping of vegetables! YUM!! How I long for those days!! The luxury of being served food, not to worry about doing the dishes after a hearty meal!!!
M was pleasantly surprised when I served him this simple yet tasty vegetable with fulkas and loved it! ( he has a psychological allergy to fulkas/ rotis) .. I was thrilled to hear him rave about the soft and tasty fulkas (some credit goes to the fact that I now make fulkas on a proper gas and not a coil stove! Oh how they puff up!! ) and the tasty vegetable and even asked me what 'masala 'I used in it!! and ending up with....' you see, I never 'really' liked doodhi, but the way 'you' make it.... loved it!!

You need:
1 med. size Lauki/ Doodhi/ Bottle Gourd
2-3 tbsp Channa Daal (soaked in water for atleast 2 hours)
2-3 green chillies
3-4 Curry leaves
2 tbsp Oil
1/8 tsp. Asafetida
1/2 tsp Mustard seeds
1/2 tsp Cumin seeds
3/4 tsp Turmeric
Salt (to taste)
Sugar (to taste) ( I quite like the slightly sweet taste )
Cilantro to garnish

Peel the gourd and cut it into small cubes. The peel can be used to make a chutney, but I did not do so.

Heat oil , add mustard seeds, when they crackle add the cumin seeds, asafetida, chillies+curry leaves and Turmeric.

Add the pre soaked channa daal and about half a cup of water and let the daal cook (almost done)

Add the doodhi cubes, mix well. Add a little water if needed , cover and cook till the doodhi is fully cooked. Add salt and sugar, mix well and cover and cook for another 2-3 minutes.

Serve garnished with chopped cilantro and soft hot fulkas/ roti.
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  1. aamhi pan ashi bhaaji banavto...kadhi kadhi mi tyat thodasa goda masala pan add karte.:)
    I used to hate it when my mom gave me this bhaaji in my dabba...but now, with dudhi bhopala on the stand every week at the indian store, i have come close to liking it. ;)

  2. actually i ike dudhi quite a lot..will try ur version too..looks yummy and very healthy

  3. Amhi almost ashich banavato and like tee i add goda masala.

  4. Slurp! simple beauty it is! i am fellow spicitarian, Manasi :-D. i have some zucchinis, will try this recipe with those. with phulkas and dahi, this would be a delicious meal!

    i learnt another doodhi recipe from my friend, its her Aayi's recipe: with ground dane and chopped kothimbir.

  5. I bet the taste of this gorgeous curry is far from simple! I like the addition of chana dal.

    And don't remind me of hot and soft phulkas..I am still stuck with a freakin coil :(

  6. Simpliciy at its best. Though I hated doodhi when growing up.

  7. Hi Tee, Goda masala ghalun karayla havi! me kadich try nahi keli tashi! I always prefer it simple, but u r right, dudhi being a bland veg, will absorb the flavour well.

    Hi Rajitha, Even I have come to like the dudhi a lot!!

    Hi Pooja, me pan ekda try karinach goda masala ghalun!

    Hi Musical, lemme know how the zucchini version tastes! I tried it once, but did not like it :(

    Hi Roopa, too bad about the coil! I was stuck with a coil until 3 weeks ago, I know how it feels! I love channa daal in this veg as well as with cabbage!

    Hi Cooker, i admit it was not my fav either...but I do like it now!

  8. hey, bhaji looks very good, liked the way chana retained it's shape. i thot it was corn from the pic :)

  9. Guess what manasi, I made the same curry (without channa dal) yesterday and today I see ur post..:D..nice recipe.. will add chana dal next time ..thanx dear..

  10. Aren't simple meals the best! I recently made this vegetable for the 1st time, and happened to love it :)

  11. Manasi, the shape dudhi cubes are perfect even after cooking. Very nice. Viji

  12. how one's taste changes as we grow!!! i too hated lauki when growing up but now i cant help but fall in love with this simple veg. i too make it similar except i dont add channa dal and use jaggery in place of sugar. ah!!! if somebody can cook and serve it with hot and fluffy phulkas...

  13. I love the Doodhi and Chana dal combo, a great comfort food indeed!:))

  14. After a long time I am hearing DUdhi word! We also make something similar to this Manasi...looks colorful

  15. hi mansi, this is a favorite with me, and is the only form I think in which I eat ghia, but I make it more mish-mashed than yours, anyways will try this version soon,thx dear

  16. I love this too Mansi.. it's looking yummy. I have a similar recipe but I add some chopped onions and finish off with grated coconut (have posted it on my blog).

  17. hey Manasi, I make it similarly but add some tomatoes too and semi gravy type. It tastes great with rotis. nice bhaji!

  18. This is awesome! I've cooked dudhi before, but usually with tuar daal. I like this recipe - more solid with distinct grains of channa - yum!

  19. Hey Manasi, enjoyed reading your intro to this dish. The dish looks good...I have dudhi in the fridge...should give this a try :).

  20. Can I grind some coconut and add to this?

  21. I too started appreciating this dal-dudhi bhaji (and dal-cabbage) only in the last few years, but didn't like it much before. Like others said here, I also add some goda masala to it, and yes, that bit of sugar is needed for the slight sweetness.

  22. Hi Manasi,
    The vegetable looks tempting. It is exactly cooked so that the shape and colour has not changed.Dudhi is good for health. It has cleansing properties Keep it up.

  23. dudhi and chana dal are a great combo. thanks for the recipe.

  24. Did I ever mention that we call bottle gourd, squash?

  25. i bought bottle guard yday from Indian store..time to make this dish :)

  26. nice and simple..yet it makes me hungry!! hmm..I think it's time for some lunch!:D

  27. chana dal, bottle gourd combo..sure must make a tasty bhaji.Looks yummy with roti. Thanks for coming by and for the wishes.

  28. Being a south Indian i am mostly used to rice but wehn hubby insisted on phulkas for dinner i ended up hunting for simple subji for the dinner and ended up here;) and boy,he will sure like it because he has this strange feel that i use garam masala in all the curries;) and your post brought back memories of how mom used to serve hot food, damn, marriage changes everything;p. I will try the recipe,thank you.

  29. Right bhaji at right time thanks manasi for the lovely recipe here. I have one dudhi which I need to use it off as early as possible. You gave me a nice variety to try.

  30. You have a lovely blog here Manasi, the sabzi looks delicious:)

  31. this is such a classic recipe..and yes, it goes really well with phulkas.....and also aam-raas!!!
    thanks for your comment, my dear....happy Dusshera to you too!

    hugs, trupti

  32. I love this style of bhaji! So typical, na? Love it with some "phodni-cha-dahi-bhaat" :D

  33. ajach vachun banavli Dudhi bhoplyachi bhaji. Very very tasty. Thanks for sharing

  34. This is a summer staple in our house! Simple everyday comfort food.

  35. I have seen dudhi in a Gujarathi shop here...but have never given it a try.
    This sounds interesting...will try it sometime.
    Delicious combo.

  36. Thanks a lot! reading your blog was so much easier than calling up mom, who'd be deep in sleep at this moment :)
    muhahaha.. dudhi chi bhaji..
    without the fulkas, though :(

  37. Oh yeah.. theres also a dudhi chi bhaji in which there's danyache kut, right?

  38. we cook the same way

    p.s. try
    using dry prawns or fresh baby prawns(karandi) instead of channa daal nd lil of garlic, nd it is heaven

  39. Pratham, thank u for ur comment, however, I am a vegetarian.


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