Friday, February 01, 2013

'I Must Make That' and an exciting giveaway!

I loved birthdays, wait let me correct that, I loved going to Monginis and ordering my birthday cake. I would love to look at the various designs and decide which one I liked best.
I always wondered how did they make that?

Then one day I walked into Michaels, and I was fascinated and could not get enough. I loved the pictures and my mind latched on to the cake pictures! 
Every time after that, for nearly 5 years, I walked into Michaels, I would look at the cake decorating kits and think, " I must make this cake with that decoration". I talked to Ashwini (Indulge Ashcorner) and she helped me save a lot! She taught me how to use coupons and warned me 'not to step into Michaels or any other craft store, without a coupon'  and oh boy! did that help or what!! I used the 40% or 50% Off coupons to buy my kits and material.
I waited long enough to take the course and finally things fell into place and I got the course done and here is the final effort ! 

I made these flowers last week, for my final class and I was happy that I managed to complete the course. This week I will use the decoration for a birthday cake for a special friend. I do hope she likes it! 

Now around the time Ash told me of using coupons for my cake decorating hobby, I also started noticing that there were many deals around me, just that I had never taken any interest in those or just never understood how to use any (duh! I know). Needless to say, I am learning and benefiting. I am specially interested in coupons for kitchen supplies. I often dream of having a rack full of props for my blog. Stacks of beautiful plates, rows of bowls of different shapes and sizes, fabric, spoons.. Ah! 
Do you also feel that way? Do you look at a picture of say an appetizer or a dessert or anything and feel, " Wow! I must make that" ? What inspires you? 

This brings me to an announcement I want to make!!

When I had a look at Cup oNation I realized that the coupon fever has started spreading in India too! And why not, everybody likes nice things or eating out and getting say, 20% their check and ordering books online and getting free shipping for example! 
Huge discounts on so many things  books, eating out, kitchen and home supplies, fashion..And what's more, they are sponsoring a small contest and giveaway!  
I was happy that I now had a small way of giving thanks to all my fellow bloggers, who have supported and encouraged me all these years!

Two lucky winners ( one from the USA and the other from India) will receive a Gift Card ( Amazon andFlipkart ) each worth $15 and INR 700. ( open for bloggers from the USA and India only)

What do you have to do?

From now until Feb. 14th., post a recipe on your blog, the theme is 'I Must Make That'. Take inspiration from cook books, food pictures, fellow bloggers, magazines, TV shows, you get the point.
Think of something that made you want to replicate a recipe in your kitchen.

Mention this giveaway on your blog, share the website Cuponation and connect the post to this announcement and email me your entry at  pallavykulkarni[at]yahoo[dot]com on or before Feb. 14, 2013.

Mention your location - US or India so that you are entered for the corresponding drawing.

To increase your chances in the random drawing, do the following and leave a comment once you did so. 

Like the CupoNation facebook page or follow them on G+ 

Like A Cook @ Heart on facebook  

If you have already liked me on facebook, following on twitter or subscribed to RSS feed, just leave a comment letting me know and you are entered in the giveaway automatically!

I will do the round up in the week following 2/14/2013 and announce the winners.

Good Luck and  Thank you, in advance to all dear readers for your love and support!  I  am looking forward to your fantastic entries! 
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  1. Wow, seems like I am the first one here. I follow you both places on FB and your blog to. Thanks for the lovely shout out. I am all for coupon clipping and saving the hard earned $. If the store gives coupons might well use it. We are Indians and waste is a Sin for us. The flowers steal my heart every time I see them. Cannot wait to see the final cake picture and I am sure of the fact that your birthday Friend is going to flip over the cake you make. The beautiful flowers, beautiful you and lovely cake is all we girls need on our Birthdays!!!
    Love Ash.

    1. Ash, thanks for encouraging me to take the course. I loved every minute of it and had a great instructor!
      I will post pics of the cake. My friend loved it!
      Look fwd to your entry to this event.

  2. The flowers are gorgeous- congratulations on completing the course. Calla lilies are my favorite flower and yours look SO realistic! How do these flowers taste? They're edible, right?

    1. Thank you Nupur! These flowers are made of Gum Paste, they are edible (sugar, sugar and more sugar), but I have never tasted it. I don't think I will. For me they are strictly for decoration purpose.

  3. Beautiful giveaway, will send some entries soon.

    1. Thank you Priya, I am looking forward to your lovely entries.

  4. I am sure your special friend will LOVE your cake and your beautiful flowers !! Moreover , all your friends appreciate all that you do for us from all of us a big THANK YOU !!

    1. Thank you, Anu, for the support and encouragement!

  5. Wow wonderfully made flowers.surely U have mastered in the art of decorating.Cool.Happy to follow u.

    1. Thanks Savitha! Hope you will send in an entry thru your fabulous blog.

  6. Just the other day my frind who used to stay in the US told me about Micheals and I was totally envying her and now I hear it from you!!
    These flowers are just sooo pretty and real, I so wish I could do these classes .. sigh.
    Superb flowers, I am travelling or else would have loved to participate!

  7. Wow beautiful flowers and I am sure your bake will be loved by your friend.

    Lovely event and happy hosting.

    1. Thank you Latha. Hope you will participate, I will look forward to your entry.

  8. HI Pallavi/ Manasi....Thanks for hopping over to my blog and leaving comments! :)
    THe flowers look absolutely beautiful and professional! Just like Ash I would also say never go to Michaels without a coupon! lol
    Anyways thanks for letting me know about the giveaway...I will surely try to post something!
    Good luck!

    1. Thanks Smitha, for the support and encouragement. I am looking forward to your entry.

  9. Your flowers are lovely and this is a terrific give away. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary

    1. Thank you Mary. I do hope you will send in an entry and support me in this,

  10. Tanx for ur invite Manasi.Where r u in Irving? Will send u msg thru FB.

  11. Hi Mansi,
    I have been reading your blog forever and so happy to see the cake decorations. I have been menaing to take the classes, but it has been tough with the schedule. But I do bake and decorate in my own way, I was so happy last year to finally make amazing cakes for the kids birthday and it was a big hit.
    I have a question, I'm not a blogger, so how can I participate in your giveaway? Also there was something I absolutely wanted to make and just last week made it, can I include that in my entry? Please do let me know.


    1. Hi Archana, Thank you for your kind words, they made my day. If you are in the USA or India, please do send me your entry. Are you a blogger or a no-blogger? If a blogger and have an entry, re-post and include the above mentioned points to enter the contest and giveaway.
      If a non-blogger, email me your recipe and a write-up, like my page and the cuopnation page on FB. I will post your entry on my blog with a picture and enter you in the list.
      Hope I have answered your question. If you have any more, do leave a comment or e-mail me.

  12. Congratulations on completing the course. I always miss baking cakes / muffins and this is a very inspiring post for me to join baking classes now. I will definitely try to post an entry for the giveaway.

  13. Thank you, Amarendra. I really enjoyed the cake deco. classes and I will urge anyone interested to to so. I believe you should do some. When I read your posts, I can see that you enjoy it all and moreover have patience to take step wise pictures, that will be perfect.
    I look forward to your entry for the contest and giveaway.

  14. Wonderful giveaway. Will send entries soon.
    Visit my space in your free time.
    Am new follower. If you follow back, i will be so happy.

  15. Manasi,
    Stunned to see your creation !! These flowers look so real and not to mention that they are edible too ! I too wanted to join a short course for decorating cakes but tight schedule and managing kid alone is very timetaking..You are inspiring me...Thanks for inviting me to send my entry for your wonder contest. Will be linking my entry today only :-)
    Have been following you through google connector long time back and Fb name is Deepasri Deb, Place :India

  16. Manasi, what a lovely idea for a giveaway contest. I was trying to think of what inspires me most "to make that" and I must say that it is more often than not food. I will certainly try and participate. Your flowers, by the way, are lovely.

  17. nice giveaway. decorated flowers are looking beautiful and natural.i am sending the recipe for this contest

  18. Hi Pallavi,
    I just emaild you, sab ho gaya:)

  19. Wow...that's an really awesome work Manasi. Glad to follow you...will drop down the mail by night....Keep the good working going...

  20. Thank you Manasi. I had already given like to your facebook page long back. Will send you the entries soon.

  21. Nice event... Sent a few of my entries...
    My Facebook - Nivedhanams Sowmya
    Have liked both your page and Cuponation page. Thanks
    Ongoing Event - Tried and Tasted - Raks Kitchen
    Ongoing Event - Know Your Dairy - Cheese
    Ongoing Event - Dish it out - Lentils & Garlic
    Ongoing Event - What is with my Cuppa


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