Sunday, August 06, 2006


Living in California, I have drastically cut down on eating out… First and foremost, no street food….. no chaat (sigh) …. and few Indian restaurants… and fewer vegetarian food joints. For a quick grab I can only go to Pizza Hut or Subway.
A week ago we just finished shifting from our old apartment. Isn’t an easy job at all… hauling those heavy space-cases, loaded with stuff (even a few feet) can be such a pain in the back!! With that kind of activity and the kitchen arranging still pending cooking was not possible, so we just strolled off to the nearest Subway.
Tired as I was , and food lover that I am, my eyes lit up when I saw all those fresh greens and tomatoes…. Well everything! When the person there was making my sub, I thought to myself, “Heck , I can do that..” Result… I did! This weekend being the lazzzzzzzzy weekend, all I could do was go to the store and buy the bread.. my refrigerator was stocked with the usual salad stuff.. Arranging the Sub was fun ! Eating was even better!!!
The first thought that came into my mind when I was preparing for the Sub was of my Brother-in-Law…. A total health freak, eats tiny portions and has an amazing energy level… he works anything between 12-14 hrs (non-stop) and drives a goodish distance (on Mumbai roads) from home to work, on weekends finds time to go out with family, shop, socialize….. he would have loved this !! This one is for him!!

My Way!!!

Sub bread (you can use bead rolls / hotdog buns* too instead of the real sub bread)
Cheese slices (cut these into triangular pieces)
Cucumber slices (thin slices)
Tomato slices (thin slices)
Bell pepper wedges
Fresh spinach- a few leaves
Lettuce ( I used iceberg and romaine lettuce)
Jalapeno in vinegar
Jalapeno Mustard (or normal mustard, your choice)
Thousand island dressing
Onion slices
Black olives ( I skipped on these)
± You can use mayonnaise as well

SUB Veggie Paltter
Arranging the Sub:

Slit the bread (not thru and thru, just keep off the end)
Place the cheese slices.. go zigzag with the mustard. Place cucumber slices, tomato slices, bell pepper wedges, spinach leaves, chopped lettuce, jalapenos, olives, ranch, 1000 island dressing (in the same zigzag manner!).. close and CHOMP!
Easy to make and GOOOOOD to eat!
*Hot dog buns make it easier for kids to eat, as they are smaller in size.

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  1. Hi Manasi got here through Nabeela's blog. Welcome to blogworld.
    It was good reading about Cannon pav bhaji and Ghatkopar. I am from Mumbai too so these places really get me nostalgic (and salivating!).
    Btw I found in comparison to other cities CA (San Jose/ SFO) has a huge number of Indian joints. I have been to some really good South Indian restaurants (Saravana, Annapoorna, Udipi), the chaat is not too bad (Chaat Paradise) and the non veg is decent (Shalimar)...

  2. Hi Ashwini!!
    Thank u very much for stopping by! I miss Mumbai stuff too! I'm in Torrance and there are a few places here that I haunt! But thanx a ton for the other names, I have a friend who has very recently come to SFO and will love this info!! :)

  3. ohh wish the sub was near me..i cud have a BIGGG Biteee....i love burgers n subss...nice pic!!!!

  4. Hey Kalpana,
    Thank u very much for stopping by! I too am a big time fan of subs, burgers, frankies... ummm, my mouth is watering too! :))

  5. hi MANSI

  6. Very nice lunchbox!
    I would love to have your entry (it can be post from your archive or new one) for Wholesome Lunchbox event, that I'm hosting ths month:

    Have a good day, Margot

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