Wednesday, July 23, 2008


More than 6 weeks have rolled by and I haven't posted anything! Life has been hectic, no doubt, but I am enjoying every bit of it! The sleepless nights... okay, so it's waking up just once in the middle of the night..., the diaper changes, the baby talk and the coos and gurgles in response with an occasional smile as a reward! Though I have peeped in at other blogs, I haven't done much.... no cooking, but it's time to go back to that! My parents have gone back to India and now M and I are on our own with Little S!
So while my baby is amusing himself on his play mat and conversing with the ceiling (his favourite activity) I am scribbling away at my blog!

Nupur's theme forMBP has come at the right time! Now that time is a constraint, I will have this wonderful collection of super recipes all in one place!

Before going back, Mom wanted to make sure I have some snacks at hand when hunger pangs strike me and I may not have time to make anything when tending to the baby. And since she was also handling EVERYTHING (read cooking, cleaning, all chores around the house, handling the baby and me in my hysterical moments when I'd sob when the baby cried ) else around my home, it was only fair that she save time and energy somewhere!

Among other things that she made, she was very keen on trying out Microwave Besan Ladoo, which are our favourites.

Tee's recipe is a HIT!! Mom saved a huge amount of time and also energy and arm exercise! Within no time we had the ladoos ready!

We followed the recipe with only one change, no raisins! As it is, I am not a big fan of raisins and MBP calls for 5 ingredients or less!

Thank You Tee for the wonderful recipe and Nupur for this wonderful theme!!

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