Thursday, November 16, 2006

Winter and Honeydew Melon juice!!

It is winter, the wind blows thru the tall trees making them sway gracefully to its tune and rustle their boughs! The clouds float by gently, persuaded by the naughty west wind and the moon makes an early appearance now, peeping here and there from behind the clouded veil to look at the wonderful hues of the setting sun, spreading it's final warmth for the day with bright reds, oranges and purples! Nature weaves its wondrous magic in the evenings which is most delightful over a steaming hot cup of coffee..... want to join me for one? we can sit in the patio... shivering ever so slightly and holding a mug with both hands to warm them!
Sounds good , right?! but here in California the temperatures still soar during the day! Why, just last week, it went up to a good 90 deg. F ! Winter ! Pshaw! Just when you are thinking of making warm soup......
So this week at the market, I spied this inviting looking Honey Dew melon. What better than a cooling melon juice for a hot Californian afternoon?!
Eat it as it is, cool n' cubed (in M's lunch box)..... or blend it into a soothing juice. My parents on their visit here, gifted me a cute li'll blender and chopper! It's perfect for the 2 of us, also when I have guests over for my li'll tea parties, dinners.....
Back to the juice...
Honey dew melon cubes
1 Tbsp. Sugar (optional)
1/4 cup Chilled Water / 1 ice cube
2 Tbsp. strawberry syrup

Blend all the above. Pour in a glass, put your feet up and siiiiiippppp!!!

* Honey dew melon juice on its own is very refreshing, but a bit of strawberry syrup adds to the taste, and the colour itself is so cool!

You can add a few drops of vanilla essence as a substitute to strawberry...

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  1. That looks really pretty!! In my part of the world, the winter is almost here, no snow yet, but the temps are cooling down...but this smoothie,perfect for any season, I say! Nice to see your update!


  2. Wow.... I love honey dew.... I m gonna try this soon. :)

  3. Loooooooks tempting, I can grab it inspite of the cold here !

  4. Hi Manasi, This is my first visit. I am a great fan of Juices and smoothies. Its my all season food. Tks for sharing this recipe. have a good day. Viji

  5. So refreshing! Later this week, it may hit 100 here.
    A smoothie such as this one, a favourite book (P&P, PGW, SH etc). Life is good, huh?
    BTW, we have a lot of fav books/ authors in common.


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