Wednesday, November 22, 2006

An afternoon to remember....

A wonderful potluck lunch!!

I knew that being a house wife is double the work.. but it was not until we came to CA, and plunging 100% in to managing home, did I realise what a big deal this is! And by that I mean, doing the dishes thrice a day(and laundry, ironing, cleaning..etc..whew!!)... our apartment owners do not feel the need to provide us with a dish-washer... and the initial grumbling amounted to even considering that the 'curse of the Bai' is on our heads! I mean, think of all those times , when back in India, when the maid even washed your cup of tea... the mountain of utensils... oh yes!
But despite all this, one thing that is real fun is teaming up with all the 'house wives' ( read 'All house wives, who have applied for employment authorisation and are waiting... waiting.....) to arrange a pot luck lunch. Also, one of our group is also going to India, so this was like a small farewell for her.
This was (surprisingly) my first potluck party.. and I had a great time (to say the least) making new friends and also sampling their cooking!
Here is our spread !

Top row: Gajar Halwa (hehehehe... Starting off with the sweet first!), a Tomato- date chutney (Bengali/ Oriya recipe), Paneer - Mutter
Middle row: Moong daal kachumbar/ koshimbir, Alu Flower, Bread
Last row : Pulav , Choley, and Pav Bhaji (my contribution).

What an afternoon! Making new friends, finding so many common things amongst ourselves, though many of us hail from different corners of India.... friendly laughter, good food!

It's all about feeling good!!

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  1. What fun!!!!! and the spread looks delicious...... BTW.... which one is you???? :)

  2. It is wonderful to do these things! Makes you feel so good! You're lucky to have many Indian women around you!

    Spread looks awesome..and I didn't see you in the pic, maybe I am mistaken...


  3. Hi
    That's a nice photo. Hope you hade fun.

  4. Hi Rooma..... Thank u.. I'm not in the snap, I clicked it :)

    Hi Trupti , Yes I am lucky! Loads of Indians in my apartmet complex and nearby ! And ur right, I'm not in the snap... :D

    Hi Lakshmi, Thank u! and yes it was fun!


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