Thursday, March 08, 2007

What do U say?

I was thinking of changing the look of the blog these few weeks....finally today I decided, Nothing Venture - Nothing Gain! So I went right ahead and got this new template..... so whaddya think? Pin It


  1. Looks very neat!!!! :) Very apt for a food blog. :)

  2. i love thye new look mansi... is green is ur fav colour? :)

  3. I have seen this template before.Too much going on everywhere.Could choose something cleaner!My 2 cents:))

  4. Hi dear,
    Can u use another template? This looks more of pages from a diary..and it fills up the entire space..Sorry, if I sounded rude..Just my opinion..

  5. beautiful. how do you change the templates?

  6. looks great....thats what I think...~smile~

  7. Manasi...

    This one, Rocks!!

  8. WOW!! Thank u all!!!
    Asha and Swaps, Thank u for ur candid opinion. Now that I have the hang of this, maybe after a while , if I like another template, I will switch over to it!
    HKji, to change templates, well, I just hunted on the web till i found the one I liked, downloaded it. Copied the html code in it, then in blogger on the 'edit html' tab,saved the original,existing code, 'reverted to the classic template'button at the bottom of the page... pasted the new code, Save... Done!

  9. Ohhh.. thats a wonderful look. I have been reading your blog since a very long time. Your writing is very good, and pictures are superb. And so are your recipes. I have tried quite a few of them and they are very nice. I know I should have written a comment earlier, but still.. better late than never.

  10. Please don't mind, but this template takes out the beauty of food blog. It is more suitable for other kind of blogs. May be something without those borders would look good.

  11. That is an astounding and envy-inspiring picture of a really WOW kitchen. Sunny and green and friendly. Also, congrats on the new look of the blog. Great going Manasi.


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