Friday, June 01, 2007

S is for Sambar

Here I am with another Sambar, this time with vegetables... for Nupur's A-Z of Veges.

Here is what Wiki has to say about sambar .. however, even without this history on sambar, we can safely say..'isey to bacha, bacha janta hai!!' . A must at almost all meals in South Indian homes and well loved by almost everyone!

When I was in college, Ruia in Matunga, Mumbai, for those who are familiar with it, there is a small restaurant called Mani's Lunch home.. in those days we got Idli Sambar for just Rs. 5.50/- and the BEST part was the unlimited chutney and sambar. We would greedily slurp all the sambar and take so many servings that the idli would, by then, get crumbly and disappear into the hot sambar!! Trust me when I say, we made a meal out of it!! To date, I haven't tasted 'that' kind of sambar!!

So today I made another attempt to recreate 'that' magic..... I admit, I was not close, but the end result was quite satisfactory!

3/4 cup Toor Daal

1/2 tsp Turmeric powder

Chopped vegetables (3 nos. Okra, 5-6 cubes radish, 8-10 Madras onion/ pearl onion)

1/2 tsp. Tamarind concentrate (or soak a marble size ball of tamarind in warm water for 15 mins., squeeze out the pulp and discard the solids)

2 tsp. Sambar Powder ( I used MTR brand)

1 tbsp. Oil

1/2 tsp Each Mustard seeds and Cumin seeds

2 nos. red chilly

5-7 curry leaves

2 pinches Asafetida

Salt to taste

small lump Jaggery (optional)

Wash the daal , add double the quantity water to washed daal, add turmeric powder and pressure cook it till soft and mushy

Heat oil, Add the mustard seeds , once the sputter, add Cumin seeds, red chillies, curry leaves and asafetida

Add the vegetables , cover and cook till tender, add water if needed to aid cooking

Add the tamarind conc. / juice, jaggery (opt.) water, salt and bring to a rolling boil.

Add the sambar powder and then the cooked daal.

Cook for 10 mins, till the aroma wafts in the house!

Serve with idli / dosa/ rice

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  1. Kya yaar..I was going to make this for S too..Kya yaar, u made me all nostalgis with the mention of Mani's..I simply love that place:)..Sambhar looks really delicious

  2. Wow Manasi, that sambar looks so tasty. Can I come have it :)) well I have to try this one out and let you know how it turned out. thanks for sharing the recipe

  3. S for Sambhar!! Why didn't think of that?!Man,I think I think too much!:P
    Looks yummy,ultimate comfort food!

  4. S for Sambar...One more example of beauty in Simplicity..

  5. "S" for sambar didnt strike me:)
    looks so good. the pearl onions makes sambar real tasty.

  6. Mansi, Sambar looks gorgeous. Love the color.

  7. LOL at making meal out of idli with unlimited supply of chutney and sambar:) well, i guess that was the best thing we could afford back in hostel in the end of everymonth;) there is hotel called chalukya in race course road, b'lore where i have tasted one of the best sambars...just thinking abt it makes my mouth water:) ur sambar looks equally good. i guess u r just being modest here;) yummy...i am craving for some right now!!!

  8. simple and very yummy sambhar ....Mostly i make this during weekends....

  9. Dear Manasi,
    Great to hear someone say that they made a meal of sambar,chutney and idli. I love to have my idly that way! Also, the addition of jaggery adds a slightly sweet taste which is enhancing. But one has to be careful not to add too much of it. Have you tasted the sambar in Bangalore. Their's is unique and a must try!!!


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