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JFI- Rice - Fried Rice, Mumbai Shtyle!!

I grew up eating Maharashtrian, South Indian and Punjabi Food... Chinese food was something rare (gosh , I sound so ancient when I say that!.. ahem, just to set the record straight, I'm not THAT old!) My parents were not really into experimenting with Chinese cuisine, having notions that creepy crawlies were used in food, made them rather averse to it!!

With these mixed up ideas, finally in my F.Y.B.A, I scooped a forkful of dangling noodles and 'slooshed' them into my mouth... fully expecting to scream and choke and expire all over the floor. What happened instead was an explosion of hitherto unknown taste! I was hooked! I still remember, I ate Indianised Hakka -Noodles and Fried Rice everyday in that week, couldn't get enough!!MySpace Smilies.. Later I came to know that the Chinese food I eat in Mumbai is 'Indianised'.. loaded with spice to suit the Indian palette and that the original version is a lot healthier! Well, I'm sticking to my version!

So when Sharmi announced JFI-Rice I decided to make my version of Fried Rice, Mumbai Shtyle! Mumbai's landscape is dotted with restaurants catering to Chinese cuisine and in the street food category the red carts (with a multicolored dragon of an unknown breed breathing fire) stand out and make their presence felt. The food is redolent with ginger and garlic, smells so tempting that one is naturally drawn to it!

So without further ado, here is my recipe!!!
1 cup long grained Rice
2 cups mix vegetables- Steamed (Carrots and French Beans)
1/2 cup Spring Onion Greens
1 small Capsicum
1 tbsp Oil
1 tbsp. Butter
1 tbsp Soya Sauce
1 pc coal * (optional)
for smokey flavour

Clean & wash the rice. Drain all water. Heat oil, add rice. Ensure that every grain of rice is coated with oil. Boil 2 cups of water, add salt. Add rice to the boiling water. Cook rice till almost done . Spread the rice in a plate and let it cool completely In a wok, heat butter, add chopped onion and capsicum. Add the steamed vegetbles. Add rice, soy sauce, salt if required. Mix with a light hand.

*for smokey flavor: Heat the piece of coal until it glows red.

Transfer it to a steel cup/ katori.
In the wok (which has the rice) make a small well/ depression, place the cup in it, pour 1 tsp. oil on the coal.Cover the wok IMMEDIATELY. Leave the lid on for a minute.
Iserved this fried rice with glazed Tofu , YUMMY!!

And now!!! My turn to brag!!!!

Yep, IMySpace Smilies!!!!! Tee of Bhaatukli has honoured me with this ...

MySpace Smilies

Keeping in mind the tradition, I would like to pass this on to my fellow bloggers




The Cooker



Oh!! it looks like everyone on my list already has won the award.......... but in my humble opinion, everyone of you deserve this award!!

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  1. Manasi,

    Love desi version of chineese food,I was surprised to see that chinese resturants in US do not have manchurian sob :( sob :(.
    Boy the street chineese fare is amazing.hey nice tip in getting the smoky flavor, wow never knew about this.

  2. Hey Manasi, even I first tasted the Mumbai ishtyle fried rice when I was in F.Y.B.Sc...yey...but I had that in Thane, where are you from? Loved your write-up...and

    Thanks for bringing back those wonderful memories attached with Bombay...I guess only a Bombaite can understand...Lovely entry!

  3. You are a World citizen now like me!:D
    Fried rice fried Ishtyle looks yummy!! When in B'lore,we used to make make Noodles similar to this,love the teste.Great entry Manasi.
    See you next week with newly scraped peepers!:D

  4. I must say, the Mumbai shtyle of fried rice is very similar to the Bangalore ishtyle! :)
    The smoking trick brought back so many memories! My bro and I always used it to get that smoky flavor (almost into everything..!). I remember we first saw Sanjeev Kapoor show it in Khana Khazana.

  5. well.. i was really that naive to think that american chopsuey would be available here...i was so crest fallen wheni realized that it was one of those concocted recipes by our desi gang!!

  6. Yep a fire breathing dragon and the name painted in red = authentic Chinese in Bombay ;-)

  7. Hi Sreelu, Thank u!! I dare not eat in the restaurants here!! being a fussy vegetarian, i'm on my guard!!
    i am a big fan of that smokey flavor too!

    Hi Padma, I was born & brought up in Wadala and my Grandma stays in Thane!! yep a true Bombayite can visualise this !!!

    Hi ASha, Thank u!! All the best once again!!

    Hi Roopa, so B'lore has similar techniques! cool!! isn't the smoky flavour somethng!!??

    Hi Rajitha, Hehehe, even i looked for American chopsuey!! Naive!!! u r so right girl!!

    Hi Ashwini, yes, bright red and names like red dragon, fire dragon (with twisted spellings!!)

  8. Thank you so much for the award Manasi. And, certainly, someone as bubbly as you cannot be old.

  9. my parents dont eat anything except desi food even today....i have given up on this....
    Mumbai ishtyle fried rice....amchi mumbai rocks...:)

  10. oh yeah! bring it on, love the bombay style fried rice, reminds me of Nebula, shivsagar ani ajoon kahi restaurants... :)

  11. This fried rice recipe is perfect. The smokey flavour and butter bring out the exact taste as they serve on thelas.The colour looks perfect too :)

  12. Hi Manasi!
    Congrat's for your award! Fried rice looks delicious!

  13. majha ghari pan chinese food mhanje cockroach ani frog asach samaj hota aadhi :P Chinese in India is indian verison he mala ithe aalyawar kalale :D So started making Indian Chinee at home.. I love it soo much..
    The rice looks tooooo good!
    Loved the idea of charcoal..
    Hya weekend la nakki try karun sangte tula kasa jhala te!!

  14. LOL mansi...u n old???
    love this indian ishtyle fried rice. the proper chinise food is although healthy i feel it quite bland to my palette. enjoyed ur write-up as usual. u know how to hit the right cord and make me nostalgic:D

  15. Ah, that spicy fried rice from Bombay is the BEST! Your version looks soooo tempting. The addition of a piece of live coal takes it to another level. Apparently, here in the US, you can buy bottled "smoke flavor" and use it in te same way we use vanilla extract etc (have never tried it myself). Oh, and glad you tried the glazed tofu :)
    Thank you so much for the rocking girl award. You know, these blog award are the one and only time in my whole life that I have been calling a "rocking girl" :D

  16. glad you didn't collapse on the floor. lol.

    i haven't met anyone who doesn't like indo-chinese fried rice.

  17. I pigged out on Road side chinese while doing my Masters in Bombay. It would fit into my budget any time, was universally available and was way better than the horrible hostel food. After those two years, I dont like chinese made in any other way except for "Mumbaiya ishtyle" - :D. I miss the experience of sitting on plastic chairs in the dead of the night, reaching out for the sauce bottles that you can barely see, watching the "bhaiya" cook in a makeshift kitchen.

    IMHO, this is one economy, any time meal!!!

  18. Dear Manasi, the plate looks so satisfying and the name mumbai shtyle makes my curious to make it.
    congrats on the well deserved Award and many, many thanks for passing it to me:) Hugs*

  19. Yeah i also like the indinised chinese dishes. Even when i make them at home i search for indianised recipes.
    When i first came in Europe i used to hunt for chilly chicken still after all these years never found them in any place

  20. The fire spewing dragon is a must!
    The charcoal tip is great...thanks.
    Thanks, also for the award....who would've thunk that I 'rock'!!

    Whenever you are in the BayArea, you are welcome to raid my secret stash of chocolate.

  21. Fried Rice, Mumbai shtyle rocks! I have never tried this style...but i can imagine the smokey flavor :)
    I am always amazed and amused by the way the Indian chinese stalls advertise their authenticity by displaying dragons, and red colour everywhere :)), not to mention the sueprb names like 'Dim Sum Chinese food.':)

  22. Hi Manasi,
    Liked your version of fried rice. Thanks for the tip.
    Great entry for JFI

  23. Manasi,

    I have the same experience with Chinese Food! My South Indian Tam Bram parents equated Chinese food with fish and garlic, so there was noooo way there were eating that or feeding it to us. So when I had chili paneer for the first time, I was in so much shock over how amazing it was.

    Nice entry, and thanks for visiting my blog!


  24. I do like your Mumbai style fried rice, I guess each country has it's own Chinesed version.

    Congrats on the awards, they are well deserved.

  25. Love the Indo chinese version(mumbai SHTYLE..LOL)of rice..I try the same with noodles for soft veggie ind-chinese noodles,,

    Love the unusual touch of coal too..

    Congrats on your awards Manasi!Enjoy..those teeny weeny animates pics are too cute!.:)...Manasi,I wanted to tell you even earlier.. you look exactly same as one of my Punjabi friends named SNEHA!!!!!!

  26. Manasi,

    Chinese food that too VEGETARIAN and Mumbaiya style- great entry.Congrats.


  27. Great entry manasi.
    I have never tasted this. Should try this version.

    Congrats on the award. I too have passed on to you :))
    You deserve it.

  28. Great entry manasi.
    I have never tasted this. Should try this version.

    Congrats on the award. I too have passed on to you :))
    You deserve it.

  29. Nice entry and I like your way present in Mumbai Style.

    Rocking Girl....Have a nice day and TC.:-)

  30. I change my template if any problem then say me my dear.:)

  31. Hi Manasi, U have a lovely blog, just loved the recipes u have posted. I became nostalgic on reading ur dahi wada post where u mentioned abt Dadar west. I loved the batata vadas from Sri Krishna (near A1 book house) and the delicious lip smacking lassi with a thick layer of malai served in a small narrow joint opposite a theatre whose name i am unable to recollect...I never found both these dishes as tasty as in those shops..

  32. i love indo-chinese. I wish someone starts a restaurant here with just this theme

  33. Hi Suganya, Thanx Girl!

    Hi Bhags, My Mom is kinda cool, but my Dad is not above making cracks at the food, even in public!! that is totally hilarious , but I'd rather have punjabi food with him!!

    Hi Richa, U said it!! and Gypsy corner and there si one in Worli, which was very famous... forgot the name.

    Hi Archana, Thank u so much!!

    HiUsha Prashanth, Thank U very much!

    Hi Arts, Hahahah! aga majhe Baba asa sagla public madhye pan boltat!ani itka majeshir paney boltat ki jorat hasu yeta!!!

    Hi Sia, Thanx Girl! u know I tasted real chinese food on my weekend holiday, to cut a long story short, i will NEVER eat that again, I'm all for Mumbaiya chinese!!

    Hi Nupur, I checked out the smoke flavour u wrote about, gosh, freaked me out! I wouldn't dare add it to food, my charcoal is good enought for me!

    Hi Bee, So am I, gosh how wud they have managed to haul my weight!! lol!!

    Hi Lakshmi, U said it!! economy and awesome taste!

    Hi Sharmi, Thanx!! Babe, u Rock!!

    Hi Cooker, I thunked u rock!! lol! copying ur word!! Thanx dear!

    Hi Tee, it is amusing to see those li'll nepali guys cooking furiously too!

    Hi Menu Today, Thnk u soo much!!

    Hi Kanchana, Thank U! and I do love ur blog!

    Hi Cynthia, Thank u so much!!!

    Hi Bharathy, Thank u so much! Do i resemble ur friend a ot? I have heard that there are (7) people in the whole world who are kinda look alikes! Wow!!

    Hi Anon. Thank u very much!!

    Hi Seec, Thank u dear!! ~hugs~

    Hi Kajal, thanks girl! and ur new template is super!!

    Hi TP, now u made me nostalgic!!! Srikrishna wasa pav!! YUUUUMMMM!!!

    Hi Shankari, my thoughts, pl start an INDO- Chinese restaurant!!!

  34. Hi Manasi,
    Your post reminded me of the yummy street food in Mumbai which i miss a lot.


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