Monday, June 30, 2008

Thank U & I Tried & Tested One Hot Recipe!!!

To all who sent in their good wishes and blessings for Little S !! I can hardly believe that in a few days he will be a month old! Time flies and how!!

I started this post before I clocked in to the hospital.. hoping to post it ..but the morning I was going to, I knew 'it was time'!

She asked if you have met the ridge gourd? I nodded... and replied.. from a safe distance. The only thing I had ever tasted (and did not really fancy) made from the ridge gourd was a bhajji/ fritter, where the cover is nice and crispy, the vegetable had turned soggy, limp and squishy.
Maybe it was a fact that we were all fussy eaters that the ridge gourd never made its way into my Mom's kitchen (for the same reason the Bitter Gourd, Dill and various other veges never found an entry either). My marriage and later blogging opened up a whole new world to me, M likes his vegetables and blogging showed me so many ways of making the most 'blah' vegetables good looking and yummy.
Going back to the ridge gourd, I was still very doubtful how I would like it.. I would pick it up at the store, run a tentative finger over the ridge, lightly squish it in my hand, wave it around like a mace and finally neatly stack it back and pick up the usual Bell Pepper, Opo Squash, Spinach or something 'safe'.
So when Zlamushka selected One Hot Stove , out of all the wonderful recipes Nupur makes, why did I opt for something like the ridge gourd curry? One, I wanted a 'dependable' recipe, this was my first time cooking with the ridge gourd and so make or mar type thing for me. Second, I wanted to cook and post it before I checked in to the hospital tummy n all and I also had this gourd on hand and not really in the condition to go out shopping for anything else just then! (the posting didn't happen!) I followed the recipe as it is and am only linking it to this post. The only change I made was making it a little spicy! That is all..... Goes without saying that the recipe was wonderful! Ridge gourd CAN taste wonderful! Thank U, Zlamushka for hosting this event and Nupur for your wonderful recipes!!

Other wonderful recipes I have tried over time from Nupur's blog:

Chavli Amti
Eggplant Rasavangy
Glazed Tofu
Pizza base
Carrot Pickle Pin It



  2. Blogging does this to us :-) I made tinda!!

    How's the baby? And how are you?


  3. Nice to have you back, Manasi...and is it nearly a month already..time does fly...your hands must be so full, now...hugs to li'l S :-)

    ...I do love the ridge gourd :-P

  4. Yes, time flies! Enjoy your baby. It's all so new to you, everyday would seem like a miracle, huh? :)
    Love Ridge gourd, don't get it often. Dish looks yum. Have a wonderful week, hugs to you:))

  5. Manasi, I have to say that the squishiness is kind of an integral part of the ridge gourd experience :D although I prefer to call it juiciness!! I am so glad you tried this super-simple and humble bhaaji :)
    How is the little one doing? Does he understand the day-night concept :D

  6. I also started cooking and eating many new things after i started blogging, it does help.....nice ridge gourd curry

  7. First of all...Congrats!! Boy! did i miss a lot!!
    I hope you are having a great bonding time with little S. He will be a genious given that he is a Gemini :)

    Enjoy your time and loved all your previous posts.

  8. Absolutely beautiful dish!! Sounds and looks phenomenal! Hope you and the baby are doing great! :)

  9. Nupur's recipes are always 'make' never 'mar', right ?
    Hugs to you and the little one:)

  10. Looks nice:) I like ridge gourd anyway, and am the only one in the house who likes them:)

  11. Hi Manasi..i've found ur blog amazing...and sumhw felt instantly connectd wid u---mumbai,kannada, and ur thoughts did it..remb the tujhe rupa chitti raho abhang u posted??...its my fav too!
    many congrats dear...being a mum is d gr8st blessing:))
    gr8 2 see u bac so soon!

  12. Manasi,
    thanks for your contribution, I am so tempted by your subzi. I have never met ridge gourd, because I live in a silly cold place. Maybe one day when I am in India, I ll get a chance and think of you and Nupur :-)
    Glad to hear you tried other recipes from One Hot Stove... Where are the pickies? I would love to include them in the round-up as well, if you have...

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  14. Congratulations on becoming a mom!
    It must be relieving to have your mom near you after having a baby.
    I just made the ridge gourd curry for my friend who had a baby last week.
    This curry is good for breast feeding moms. Will post my recipe soon on my blog.

    Do check you my blog
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