Monday, September 22, 2008

Moong Daal Parathas with Fragrant Gujarati Garam Masala!

As a little girl I was very fond of birthdays and birthday parties! I was the center of attraction, people would pamper me, put up with my fussing and demands.. they did that anyway.. hmmm.. the cake, blowing candles, cutting the cake and eating it and finally.. presents! If blowing candles brought a twinkle to my eyes, accepting presents brought roses to my plump cheeks! Not content at having the time of my life on my birthday, I ensured that I had the same on my cousins birthdays too! My parents had a hard time holding me back when it was time to blow the candles!
Now you may wonder where all this is leading to. A couple of weeks ago I received a parcel in the post.. I was excited , the roses bloomed again! This time however it was a parcel for Little S, from dear Trupti . She sent him the most adorable baby clothes!! But wait, that's not all!! There was something in it for me too! (Yaaaaay!!)

This beautiful little jar contains fragrant Gujarati Garam masala! I was thrilled! I confess, I did not know that there was a Gujarati Garam Masala. I tell you this stuff is amazing!

For some time now , I have been laid back about making parathas / rotis and the likes. I missed parathas and wanted to make some. Trupti's masala came in at a time when I was craving for some spicy filling enclosed in a warm toasty whole wheat cover, piping hot, off the griddle with pickle on the side...ummmmmmm!
A few months ago I made Dhal Puri and the memory lingered and I wanted to re-create it, but this time I wanted to experiment with a different daal and use the Garam Masala. So this time around I opted for Moong Daal.

For the Filling :
1 cup Moong Daal
1 Dry Red Chili
1 Bayleaf
1 tsp. Ginger - Garlic paste
Salt to taste
1 tsp
Chili Garlic Sauce , alternatively use 1-2 green chilies
1/4 tsp Roasted Cumin Powder
1/2 tsp Garam Masala (this imparts a subtle flavor which we prefer)
Salt to taste
1/2 tsp Sugar (optional)
Juice of 1/2 Lime
1tbsp Chopped Cilantro

For the Cover :
Whole Wheat Flour / Gheun ka Atta
2 pinches Salt
Mix all the above and make a smooth dough (like the one made for Rotis. I did not use any specific measures for the dough. Any left over dough is used for making Fulkas.)

To make the Filling:
Pick and Wash the Moong Daal. Soak it in plenty of water for about 2-4 hours. In a saucepan add water, daal and cook till it is al dente.
Drain ALL water. Keep the daal aside for a while (after the daal was at room temperature, I kept it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours)
Grind to a coarse powder. I used my chopper.
Heat Oil in a wok/ kadhai. Add the bayleaf and red chiles.
Add the ginger-garlic paste ( keep a safe distance from the wok, this thing sputters and spatters.
Add the moong daal, chili garlic sauce. If using green chile's, add to the tempering and then add moong daal.
Mix well, add the garam masala, cumin pwd. Salt, sugar.
Do not overcook the mixture, this tends to make the filling very dry. Mix and let the spices blend in well.
Remove from heat, add lime juice and chopped cilantro. Let the mixture cool.
To make Parathas:
Heat the griddle/ Tawa.
Take a golf ball size piece of the dough and roll out a disc ( approx. the size of a puri).
Into this disc spoon the filling.
Bring together the sides and seal to make a ball.
Dust with flour and roll out parathas.
Transfer to the hot griddle and cook on both sides on Medium-High heat.
Brush with oil on both sides and cook till you see brown spots appear. Serve hot with pickle and curry of your choice or with plain Yogurt.

If you are new to making parathas, check out Cynthia's superb slide show on making parathas.
This Paratha is similar to dal puri and the subzi is a great accompaniment to the paratha.
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  1. Lovely looking parathas.. never tried them b4.

  2. Very interesting recipe Manasi, never used any dal stuffing in parathas. I've bookmarked it and will try it this week.

  3. How sweet of Trupti! I am afraid i was not aware of the gujrati garam masala either...loved your paratha idea...its like having kachori stuffing in a paratha! No deep frying involved :)

  4. Hello Manasi,
    hope Little s is doing great :-)...that was so sweet of Trupti.
    The parathas look so delicious...thanks for the recipe :-)

  5. This is, to me, a really unusual recipe. Reminds me a bit of a savory version of Puran Poli. Very nice, Manasi, and lovely picture too.

  6. The Parathas look delicious and at the same time very nourishing.Will be a great item on snacks menu.

  7. those parathas have browned so perfectly! lovely :)

  8. Hello Manasi, are you doing..hope the lil one is keeping you on your toes!..:)..thats so sweet of Trupti...and what to say abt the parathas..they are so tempting ...

  9. what a dear heart you are! I am so glad you liked the masala, your idea of using it in parathas is wonderful!

  10. The parathas look lovely...especially the idea of the stuffing is something i need to try out very soon

  11. Hi Manasi,
    Parathas look lovely. hope you and your little one are doing good. bookmarked this to try it:)

  12. A very nice twist on the paratha and the dal puri.

  13. Seems like a kachori paratha!
    But Tee already stole my line.

  14. Thank U All!!! Hope u try this and do let me know how u ike it!
    Tee, The Cooker: Kachori stuffing!! hmm.... U gave me an idea!! Thanx !! HUGS!!


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