Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer Cooler: Kewra Sherbet : Screwpine Lemonade

On 3rd. April, the alarm on my phone went off, it was time to pick up Little S from school. As I started up the car, the first drops of rain hit the windshield, I smiled, I love rain! As I drove out into the street, the raindrops thudded loudly and within seconds there was a deluge. Free car wash, I giggled to myself. I reached school, the teachers were looking a bit tense as I picked up my Prince. I did not ask, I just waved  the customary 'bye and left. Little did I know what was in store for me! Within a minute or two  it clouded over, so much so that one might think it was 8 in the evening!  and how windy it was! We were at the railroad crossing and it was closed and there was a sea of cars in front of me, I was surprised, I've never seen a train at this odd hour...  and then, THWAP!  THUD! THUMP! I jumped out of my skin... got back just in time to see hail bouncing off my windshield.  
I parked on the side and sat out the terrible storm and drove back home, glad  that there was no damage! 
So, I thought to myself, 'this' is Spring in Dallas!  3 weeks down the line, I am relaxing in my air-conditioned living room, looking at the hot patio and wondering, do they call 'this' spring in Dallas? It's 95F outside.. heat : that does no good to man or beast. 

I hate the heat.

I try to do everything to beat it, air conditioning and a glass of chilled, refreshing 'Kewra/ Kewda Sherbet' are perfect for such horrid days. 

4 Cups Water
1 2/3 Cup Sugar
6 Tbsp Lemon juice

Heat Water and Sugar in a pan stirring until the sugar has dissolved

Remove from heat and cool slightly

Add lemon juice and kewra Essence

Cool completely and store in a glass bottle in the fridge

To serve, dilute the concentrate with some water and add crushed ice/ ice cubes

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  1. Replies
    1. Poornima, Yes it is... blessings for a hot day.

  2. This sherbet looks fabulous,cant wait to try;

    1. Thanks Priya, hope u try it. let me know how u like it.

  3. Oh boy, if it is already so hot, I wonder what July is going to be like!

    Kewra is something I have not tasted for a while. My parents used to put some fresh kewra in the water filter to get flavored water in summer for a cooling effect.

    1. Nupur, it is oppressive here, shoots up to 114 F easily :(

      Putting a few drops in water, what a great idea! thanks :)

  4. This sherbet reminds me of my summer vacations in Nagpur. We use dto make huge bottles of Rasna in 2-3 flavors and sip that with everything, morning brkfst, lunch snack and everything. MY aunts neighbor had nicknamed me Rasna as she always saw me with the colored liquid in one hand. This looks amazing simple and very refreshing indeed. Loved the bottle and pics.
    Love Ash.

    1. Rasna! Ah ! childhood memories :) My Mom always made orange rasna, I love it :)

  5. Refreshing drink. The kewra essence is really nice when added to these thirst quenching refreshments.

    1. Radha, yes it is, has a cooling effect , I don't know if really cools, but feel like it, maybe because of the mild fragrance.

  6. Though we live in sunny side CA we never reach 90 in Spring. In summer u can almost counts those near 90 to 100 days :) No need of air-condition so imagine....
    I hate heat too- it burns the skin. The serbet looks very refreshing for the temp.

    1. Cham, I know!! (groaning!) I love CA. We lived in Los Angeles for over 4 yrs and miss it, everyday! Wish I can go back there some day!

  7. Perfect refresher to beat the heat....

  8. Hey Manasi! Lovely drink for the scorching summer..But do we get kewra essence as easily here in LA? Also any common name for Screw pine?

    1. Jagruti, I am sure you will get it in LA, whereabouts in LA are you? If you are near Artesia, you will surely get it.
      There may be different brands, I got Dabur.
      It is also available online.

      Screw Pine is the English /botanical name. In India, it is called Kewra / Keora/ Kewda.


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