Friday, December 28, 2012

Sweet Corn Soup

Since the weather has made up it's mind to keep low, it is time to bring out the soup recipes. Simple, hearty , filling and brimming with healthy ingredients. 
Do I need to explain any more?!

A steaming hot bowl so capable of spreading warmth and making me feel so good deserves a mention on the blog.

My love for soup, when young, was limited strictly to Tomato Soup. Other soups did not exist. Indeed, many restaurants, at that time boasted only of Cream of Tomato soup and some with Clear Veg. Soup. 
Then came the Indo-Chinese restaurants and they took everything up one level and oh my! the variety of soups they offered! And the flavors! What an explosion in every slurpy spoonful! 

I will admit though, I do not make those soups, I still favor Tomato soup ( and the Marathi Tomato Saar) above all, but always order some spicy Indo-Chinese Soup when we eat out.

Perhaps the simplest (but flavorful)soup is the Sweet Corn Soup. What I like is how very simple it is to put together, once you have the ingredients on hand. For those watching their food or limiting their intake need not fear of indulging in this one! Full of vegetables and no oil, ya heard me! NO oil make this a winner! and for those sniffly days when the eyes and nose waters and the throat itches and tempers flare, take a comforting bowl and make it a meal. This is one of the soups I learned at a cookery class I took, long ago.

It is for one of the reasons stated above that this soup was made in the kitchen today.
My friend Sujata was on a holiday in Los Angeles and her poor little daughter caught a bug. The poor child has been under the weather the whole time and is just about recovering, with a heavy dosage of antibiotics. And ever since they got back, a couple of days ago, Sujata is feeling a bit down too, no wonder. I am hoping this soup will make them feel a bit better. I know it isn't medicine, but just having a warm comforting bow of soup can help just a bit.

You Need: 

1 Can Sweet Corn Cream Style (14.75 oz)

approx. 1 cup Mix Vegetables, I used :

2 medium Carrots

approx. 1/2 cup shredded Cabbage

8-10 French beans

1/2 Green Bell Pepper

(*)Veg. Stock

Salt to taste

approx. 1.5 Tbsp. Rice Vinegar

1 tsp. Black pepper powder ( Optional)

Spring onion / Scallions, chopped to garnish

2 tsps. Cornstarch, mixed with a little water to make a smooth paste.

Chop the mix vegetables, finely and steam them. Set aside.
In a sauce pan, empty the contents of the can.
Add the veg stock to the corn. (*) I filled the sweet corn can with stock and added it in and also the same quantity water. 
You can use just stock, omit the water.
Boil the corn and stock mix for about 3-4 mins.
Add the vegetables and salt and Vinegar, mix.
Add the cornstarch paste  and stir well to combine and let it boil.
Add pepper powder, if using before switching off the heat.
now you have 2 options, add the scallions (white and green) and leave until you serve or just before you ladle out the soup, put some scallions in the bowl and ladle soup on top and serve.


-I used Rachel Ray brand Veg. Stock (no particular preference, just picked it up  in the store), hence the deep brown color.

-You can make your own vegetable stock

- The use of black pepper powder is optional, but it does add a kick to the soup. That is particularly welcome, to me, in the cold weather.

-If you do not have a can of Sweet Corn, cream style, use regular sweet corn , take 1 cup of corn and pulse it in the mixie/ food processor and use.
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  1. So tempting...Mouthwatering clicks!!!

  2. How kind of you to make soup for a friend who's feeling low, this heart warming gesture will surely do its magic. Its snowing outside as I am typing this and you've got me in the mood for some soup! I love sweet corn soup and would always order it back home at Indo-Chinese restaurants much to the dismay of my friends and family who would prefer the Manchow Soup with fried noodles. I thought I had a can of corn tucked somewhere, I have to find it! Ever made a corn bread (or cake) using cream of corn? I was wondering if it will make it moist.

    - Priti

  3. Sweet Corn Soup was my favorite one to eat at Indo-Chinese restaurants. You brought back a lot of great memories. I could lap up that delicious bowl right now.

  4. my favourite soup..loved it any time.looks so tempting!

  5. looks so delicious! soup, a healthy and heart warming fare!


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