Sunday, February 08, 2015

A Bake Sale Adventure

As the new year rolled in, I promised myself, I will blog.
The days passed, I kept reminding myself, but I did not follow through.
I made excuses, I'm tired. Parents were visiting, I wanted to spend time with them and cooking for them.
Then came the annual 'Sankranta Mela', li'll S was in a dance group and I had booked a stall for myself at the 'Anand Bazaar' (food stalls).
Drawing courage from my previous experience, I jumped right in, this year. 

I got busy with dance practices and homework and squeezing in as much time as possible for other activities.

And so, finally, I am back with pictures of my Cupcake stall. The cupcakes sold out and I couldn't be happier. 
M and li'll S were my helpers ( S being the main helper and cashier, a job he loves!) 

I made egg less Vanilla and Chocolate cupcakes and made butter-cream frosting.

These pretty hydrangeas were a hit with the girls.


Who doesn't love a Minion?
These were sold out within minutes! I wish I had made more.
I got this idea from Pinterest.
Here's how you make the Minion cupcakes
1 box Twinkies 
Butter cream frosting ( dyed Blue)
Smarties / White chocolate chips / Mini marshmallows (for the eyes)
Black frosting
Chocolate sprinkles for the 'hair'
Place the Twinkies in the fridge for about 15-20 minutes.
Frost the cupcakes ( I used the basic round tip to put the frosting on)
If you plan on using marshmallows for the eyes, prep them. Apply a thin coat of oil to kitchen scissors and gently cut the marshmallow into 3-4 rounds.
I used White chocolate chips, they were the right size and I just poked the pointed end into the Twinkies.
Pull the Twinkies out of the fridge, slice them in half.
Poke one or two chocolate chips in the 'head' part. If you are using marshmallow, put a tiny spot of frosting on the underside of the marshmallow and stick it on, do the same ( spot of frosting) fro Smarties.
Pipe on glasses  and smiles using black frosting. I used Wilton's ready to use tube, it was a mistake.
Poke chocolate sprinkles for hair.
Gently place the decorated Twinkies on the frosted cupcakes. Ta-Dah!  Minion cupcakes are ready!
The most popular cakes, Minions.
I made these flower cupcakes using the 'leaf' tip. These were also a hit with all the kids.
This anti-gravity cake was a last minute thought. I made it towards the end and this is the only picture I have of it, an unfinished one.
I found this tutorial very useful.
The children marveled at the cake and wondered if  the M&M's would keep pouring out. Some of them, out of curiosity also tried to pluck the bag out and see how I made it happen.
Anti-gravity cake

In all the hurry of the dance performance and the baking, I did not carry my camera at all, but that's when friends chip in! 
One of the Mom's in the dance group stepped forward and clicked these wonderful pictures and has shared them with me. Thank you, Vaishali! The pictures are great! 

I'll leave you all now, with all this sweetness. See you soon. Hope you all have a great week ahead.

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  1. You're very clever, and obviously a fab baker! Well done!

  2. Hi Manasi, these are so beautiful and so creative. This must have been one "happy" cupcake stall, I'm sure, with those minions and all. :)

  3. I loved the idea of using Twinkies for Minions on cupcakes! The anti gravity cake seems fun too. I enjoyed reading about your Bake sale adventure and wishing you many more in future.

    - Priti

  4. Great cakes!
    I wanted to mention that if you're a vegetarian, you may want to check on the twinkies. Some of them are made with animal shortening/beef fat.


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