Monday, April 17, 2017

Pickle, Granny Smith Apple Pickle!

Isn't it beautiful outside? It's green everywhere, well, almost.
There are days when it's cold with the occasional snow, making me huddle indoors and turn on the heater. And there are days when I wear a jacket and step out only to cast it aside. 
As I pull warm throw around me and look out, I see these beautiful blooms and I feel cheerful. 

I was talking to my Mother and she told me that Mumbai is reeling under warm temperatures. While it is tortuous to go out, the fruit vendors have piles of raw mango as well as ripe mangoes to sell. 
She and my father miss me in summer, I am a big huge fan of mangoes (raw and ripe) and love me some pickle and aamras (ripe mango pulp). 
When my Mother gets talking of pickles, I yearn for some. I absolutely love pickles!
Unfortunately, every time I pick up a raw mango, it just looks like it's raw, but inside the fruit is sweet.
While I enjoy the sweet fruit, it still does not serve the purpose of making a pickle. 
And then, I saw this post and knew I had to make it. 

I am however a big fan of shortcuts and like instant results.
My version of this pickle is another shortcut on the one I have linked above.

To make Green ( Granny Smith) Apple Pickle you need:

2 Granny Smith Apples
Instant Mango Pickle mix ( easily available in any Indian store, I used K-Pra brand)
1 tsp Mustard Seeds 

Wash a jar (which is airtight) with hot water and dish soap and dry it completely. Any moisture will only mean fungus on the pickle. 
Wash the apples and dry them ( make sure the apples are totally dry). 
Chop the apple into pieces. I used this chopper with the small dice blade. 

Put the chopped pieces in the jar, add salt , 2 heaped Tbsp. Pickle masala and mix thoroughly.
Add Oil (pour enough to cove the apple pieces).

In a small sauce pan, heat about 3 tbsp oil, once hot, add mustard seeds and let them pop. switch off the heat and let the 'tadka' cool down completely.
Once cool, pour it over the pickle and mix.

Your pickle is ready. Serve it immediately or let it sit for a day and the flavors combine. 


  • This pickle needs to be refrigerated
  • I have added only 2 tbsp of the pickle masala, keeping it a tad mild, hoping my son will start liking pickles. You can add a bit more.
  • The left over oil can be reserved for making 'achari' vegetables / pooris.
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