Sunday, September 17, 2006


Thank U Asha(Foodie's Hope) for tagging me for this! I'm so excited! Spaz

This is the first time I have had to do something like this! Ok.. ok.... 5 things I want to eat before I die.....
just 5..... Awww Shucks

Well, well, well... if I have to hand in my pail so soon..... Hungry Let's get started !!

1. RamPrasad ladoos (that's what he calls them)-Baba made.... when I was a kid, my Father would make these . Simple to make and SO very tasty... only when Baba made them. He would patiently roast the wheat flour in ghee till it was this wonderful honey colour... in which he would add jaggery, cardamom ! The fragrance would spread in the house and I would be drawn towards it like Garfield to food! I sure miss that a LOT!

2. An everyday meal cooked by my Mother. Aaaaahhh! sitting at the dining table and eating a meal, Mom serving piping hot, puffed up 'fulkas' just off the stove...

3. PuranPolis - Aaji (GrandMother) made... No one can make puranpolis like her! No one!! She used tomake them during Ganesh Utsav.... my cousins and I would be torn between doing justice to her wonderful steamed 'modak' or puranpoli, but we tried hard, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal hard! Needless to say, we kept her very busy (kinda selfish, you would think, but one bite of that luscious puranpoli, and you would have done just what I did, pig out!!)

4. All the varieties of Chaat and street food. I had pani puri in an Indian Restaurant last evening..... Terribly disappointed, is the mildest term I can use.... so I wanna have pani puri at 'Kailash Parbat' along with the mix chat (mmmmm!) and with Lisa, I love to watch her to try hopelessly to stuff the whole puri into her mouth (bad manners,I know,I know, but very amusing all the same!)... and pani puri again at a nondescript place in Thane- East(sindhi colony) where this guy who is a lawyer by education, but sells Chaat for a living .. awsome stuff! PavBhaji at ' Achija's' with my hubby, we both just dig it! Wada Pav on the street corner near our Chembur home.Veg.Frankie at Shivaji Park. Ganneh ka rass on a hot day at a 'Rasvanti Gruh' behind Ruia College. Kulfi, late at night, when a kulfiwalla comes with the 'tokri' on his head, shouting , 'kulfffiiiyyyo'.

5. Garam Cutting Chai - This has to be with my bestest friend Lisa, and in our college canteen.We both survived on 'cutting chai' and wada pav in our post graduation days. Aaaahh! miss those times, in that dingy little canteen, noise all around.. Mama (the owner of the canteen) yelling to one of his boys, "Ay Raja, don cutting an ki ithe... pori kadhicha thamblyat, chal lavkar kar re baba, damlayt bicharya... kaay deva haal haal re hyanche..." (Hey Raja, get 2 cutting here, these girls have been waiting for a while now, make it quick, they seem tired, oh God! the poor tired things....)

I tag : Hema , Vineela

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  1. The last one on the list transported me back to the little tea stalls and 'Amrutatulya's in Pune. Ohhhh, I wanna go back...I wanna go back... :)

  2. Hi Vaishali,
    Hehehehe! little things like these really make one nostalgic !! I miss them too... sigh!

  3. Good job,Manasi!! You have photos too!! There are so many things we all miss, don;t we? I had fun doing mine :)) Thanks!!

  4. Just found ur blog and I am having a nice time reading it. This post brought back some very sweet memories of Shivaji Park and Ruia:)


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