Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Not the usual Chivda

Not the usual Chivda, but then it was not the usual Saturday too! M, had to go to office, some urgent work... well, that spoilt my week end,with nothing much to do apart from moping around the house, grumbling away to the walls...
I was reading this book and suddenly I had this 'attack of the munchies'..
Something spicy, crunchy.... like chivda.. but I had not stocked thin poha, all I had was the normal thick Poha. I'll make do!

2 cups Thick Poha
1 med. size onion finely chopped
2 cloves garlic finely minced
Salt to taste
1/2 spn. sugar (optional)
3/4 spn. Turmeric
1/2 spn. Asafetida
1 spn. Dhania-Jeera powder
Red chilly powder ( how spicy do you like it?)
2 spn. Oil
1/2 spn. Mustard seeds
Few curry leaves

Place the poha in the microwave and run it for a minute. This will make the poha crisp.
Heat oil in a kadhai. Add mustard seeds, after they pop add asafetida. Add turmeric, curry leaves. Add in the finely chopped garlic and onion, saute it till it turns brown and crispy. Add the dhania-jeera powder, add poha. Add red chilly powder, salt, sugar. Mix thoroughly over medium-high heat. Roast the whole mixture for about 5 mins, stirring all the while. Let it cool, then transfer it to an airtight container. This can be made quickly, or u can make this ahead of time and store it in readiness when the next time you have an attack of the munchies!!

The recipe can be tweaked here and there... for example, you can add peanuts, cashews. Garam masala or Kitchen King can be added to give it a different taste.

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  1. Poha looks yum ! Popping it in the microwave is a good tip

  2. Thats a delish snack, even if its make do!

  3. Hi Krithika: Thank U! the microwave saved my time of roasting it over the stove to reach the desired level of crunchiness!

    Hi Ashwini : Thank u so much!

  4. I never knew abt using microwave for chivda. a very nice tip Manasi. thanks for sharing.

  5. I love microwave poha munchies, infact I am making some right now!! Bye and thanks!!:D

  6. I don't believe this Manasi ! We've read each others' minds from miles away. I made exactly the same thing two days ago, microwaving the poha for 3-4 minutes and spiking it with garlic, spices and peanuts. Turned out super, i was to post it in Healthy festival eating category...Shall tell you if I post that one and my pics looked almost the same too! :)

  7. This is a different recipe for a chivda I must say....and I am certainly going to try it...sounds like a good choice for lunch with a hot cup of masala tea....thanks Mansi. Keep Blogging!

    Cheers From Newfoundland,

  8. Hi Shilpa: Thank u for stopping by!
    Hi Asha : How did ur munchies turn out!?
    Hi Nandita: WOW! isn't that amazing!?! I like ur way of catergorising it into Healthy festival eating.
    Hi Trupti: Do try the chivda, and let me know how u like it!


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