Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Green Tomato Chutney and No-Fuss-No-Grind Idlis

On a sudden impulse I picked up these Green Tomatoes from the market..... not sure what I would make with them. Generally having this vague idea of a chutney in mind. As a child I used to dislike this variation to a chutney, whereas my father likes it a lot.

But ever since I have started blogging, my ideas, likes and dislikes have undergone a change and I like to give a shot to all those dishes I used to dislike as a child (except that I am still stuck FAST on my dislike of eggplant.... eewww....) and find it immensely satisfying that the dishes turn out well, touch wood!! (also act as a constant reminder that I still have a LONG way to go!) .... in fact my idea of chutneys was also pretty limited.. the all-time favourite being 'hirvi chutney' (some other post!), Lassun chutney and chutneys used for chaat items! But trust the Indian ingenuity! we make chutneys from anything and everything! right from the above mentioned items straight up to vegetable peels and very tasty they are too!!!!

For this green tomato chutney you need

6-7 Green Tomatoes
1-2 Green chillies
2Tbsp. Sesame seeds
1 tsp. Oil

Peel the outer cover on the tomatoes. Wash them thoroughly (sticky li'll suckers!) and chop them into cubes.
Chop the green chillies.
Heat the oil in a wok, add the chopped tomatoes and chillies and cook thoroughly till it is mushy.
Let it cool. In the mean time, roast the sesame seeds to a nice brown colour and roughly powder / pound it.

Combine the tomato-chilly mixture with the sesame powder, salt sugar in the blender and grind to a paste. Done! The end result in this chutney is rather a disappointment in terms of the colour, but don't let that fool you! the taste more than makes up for the looks. The tangy-nutty taste is a treat and also unlike any chutney you have tasted!

This chutney goes well with idlis and also as an accompaniment to everyday meals.
I served this chutney with no fuss - no grind idlis

To make no fuss - no grind idlis

1 cup urad daal Flour
1 1/2 cup Idli Rava

Mix the urad flour and idli rava with water. cover and leave, preferably overnight, to ferment. I usually leave the batter in the oven and also switch on the oven to 'Warm' for 5-6 mins.
After the batter is ready, add a couple of spoons of oil , salt to taste, mix well. Make idlis as usual!

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  1. I love Tomatillos too,they are tangy and great for chutneys.
    I never knew we get ready made Urad dal flour!I have to look for it next time,idlis really look puffed for a no-fuss recipe.Great combo,thanks Manasi!Have a great V'day!:))

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Manasi,
    I tried making your version of gajar ka halva today & it turned out to be really good. Thanks for the recipe :-)
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Since you like songs by Lata, Please let me know if you have heard few songs listed on my blog.

    I was used to collect Rare and Cancelled Songs of Lata.


  5. Green tomato chutney!!!!! Thats new to me!!!
    Haven't seen green tomatoes in this part of the world though :(

  6. Hey, the chutney looks great; I've always wanted to make Idlis with Idli Rava and lo and behold I have your recipe now. Thanks,Nalini

  7. Tomatillos chutney? yummm. I have posted a version of no-grind idlis too! They sure are no-fuss.

  8. Hi Asha, The idlis turn out great, everytime! THanx, u hv a gr8 v day too!

    Hi Trupti, I look fwd to ur event (sorry u hd to del this comment.. i hd it in and then my laptop dumped, so there was a time lag :((

    Hi Anon. Thank u for ur kind words!!

    Hi HKji.. I chkd out ur collexn, and u hv very rare and wonderful songs, many of which, i admit, i do not hv! :((

    Hi Coffee.. Too bad.. hey, when u r in India, u can try it!!

    Hi Nalini, I'm glad!! do try these out!

    Hi Hema.. YUM is right! and i luv this version of idlis!


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