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RCI - Bihar .... Dal-Puri

Sangeeta, our hostess for RCI this month has us travelling to Bihar! Luckily for me, I had a super shortcut!!! My friend S (I affectionately call her - Heroine!!) is from Bihar and is my sure-shot source for the regional recipes!
My very first attempt to secure a recipe was to contact her, I did not even bother browsing thru any sites!! And pat came her reply... though she did mention (with a sigh) that 'sattu ka atta' was the ingrdient she would have recommended, but since it is impossible to procure it here, she was sending me another simple and tasty recipe.. DAL -PURI.

After some back and forthing about the recipe details, where she mentioned that Dal-puri is eaten with pickle/ chutney/ yogurt , but the real thing is making 'Ali ki rasdar subzi' with it, so ofcourse I had to haunt her for that!!! Now heroine is smart! so in her reply, detailing the Alu ki subzi, she also sent me the recipe for a sweet, as a bonus!!
I also asked her if there was a special ocassion that this was made or a specific season? It seems that Dal-puri is usually prepared during Holi, but there are of course no set rules!

Now, I am a puri fan... but I don't usually indulge.. afterall, one has to 'weigh' the pros and cons before biting into these deep-fried goodies! But this is the festive season! time to shamelessly indulge ( after all those chaklis, karanji, laddu, shankarpalis, puris can squeeze in!!!)
After all a foodie can but say... eat and be merry, for tomorrow me may diet!!!

For the Dal -Puri:
Do the prep:
My measurement are sufficient just for 2 people ( and that too after a warning about ' keeping the oily stuff within limits')
For the Puri Stuffing:
1/2 cup Chana daal
One pinch Asafetida
1/8 tsp. Turmeric powder
1 Green chilli minced (+/- as per required heat)
1 tsp. Ginger-Garlic paste (I used the store brought, but fresh paste is a much better option)
1 Bay leaf/ Tej patta
1 whole Red Chilli
1/2 tsp Jeera / Cumin seeds
1/4 tsp Garam Masala ( I added 1/4 tsp, M does not like the 'too strong' taste of GM)
Salt to taste
1 tbsp. Cilantro minced
1 tbsp Oil for tempering ( preferably mustard oil, but refined works just as well)
Making the stuffing:
In a wide pan boil the channa in adequate water with salt and turmeric powder. Ensure that the daal is cooked, but firm, we do NOT want a mush. Drain all the water. The daal should look dryish.
Grind the daal (do not use a blender) I used my handy chopper, to a fine crumble.
Heat oil in a kadhai/ wok, add cumin, asafetida, bay leaf and the whole red chilli. Next add the minced green chillies, ginger-garlic paste and the crumbled daal. Add salt as per taste, garam masala and cilantro. Mix well. The stuffing is now ready. Keep it aside to cool completely.
For the Puri Dough
Whole wheat flour ( roti atta)
1 tbsp Farina/ sooji/ rawa
A few pinches Salt
2 tbsp Hot Oil
Water to knead dough
Oil for deep frying
Mix all the ingredients and make a semi-stiff dough. the dough should not as stiff as puri dough and not as pliable as roti dough. . Cover and keep for 15 - 20 mins.
* It is not mandatory to add the farina, I added it for some crispiness. My friend also suggested that regular roti dough can be used just as well.
To make the puris:
From the stuffing, discard the red chilli and the bay leaf.
Take a portion of the dough and roll out a disc (this puri has to be slightly bigger than the regular puri), spoon the mixture and close. Roll out a regular puri, just like you would roll a stuffed paratha! Deep fry in oil.
* care: Ensure that the stuffing is fine crumbled, otherwise roiling the puri will be difficult and will split in places and cause the stuffing to come out. Look at the picture below, there is a small split in the puri (rt. hand corner, bottom), the puri will puff up, but when you turn it , the stuffing may out. ( BBoy ! is it difficult to fry and take pictures at the same time!!)

This puri is a superb variation from the regular puri and is a delightful change. It pairs well with the Alu ki rasdar subzi and will pair well with pickles/ chutney or can be eaten as it is!! Great for lunch boxes and picnics too!

For the Alu ki rasdar subzi:

2 Potatoes (boiled/ cooked in a microwave)

1 Onion chopped

1-2 Green chillies chopped1 Bayleaf

1 Whole Red Chilli

1/2 tsp Cumin / jeera seeds

1/2 tsp Ginger-Garlic paste

2 med. size tomatoes

Cumin & corriander powder (1/2 tsp each)

Red chilli powder (optional)

1/8 tspTurmeric powder

1/2 tsp. Garam Masala

Salt to taste

2 tbsp Oil

Cilantro leaves for garnishing

First : boil the potatoes…let them cool, then break them unevenly into small sizes,u need not mash them.Set aside.
Heat oil in a kadhai.
Add cumin seeds…when it splutters add tej patta and the red chilli. Add green chilly…and onion…when the onion turns brown add the ginger garlic paste…cumin- corriander pwd, turmeric , red chilly pwd…sauté for a little while then add the chopped tomatoes…when they become soft and leave oil add in the potatoes and salt…sauté till the potatoes blend in with the masala….then add water…cover and cook for sometime…..when the gravy becomes thick…add garam masala!remove it from fire and garnish it with coriander leaves!
Voila its done!

Thank you Sangeeta for hosting RCI this month, which gave us another opprotunity to explore a different cuisine! And thank you , S, my Heroine for the recipes and for clarifying all my doubts and being patient with me!!!

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  1. Slurp!! I am wiping off my laptop right now!! Looks excellent Manasi. I think I wait until her round up, so I can save the whole post. Loving Bihari dishes. I posted mine too this week!:))
    Good one girl, eat more Poories and post for us!:D

  2. The inside view is awesome Manasi. This will also make good parathas.

  3. Hi Asha!! saw ur dishes too!! as usual awesome and plentiful!!!!

    Hi Suganya!! Thanks !! This does make good parathas, infact a few months I tried an awesome recipe from Cynthia's (tastes like blog (A roti called Dhal puri!)

  4. this same dish in roti form (called dal-roti) is very popular street food in mauritius and the carribean, brought by bihari immigrants.

  5. mmm..yummy! puri with looks so good...

  6. I dont know how you guys do it! You wake up one day, decide to try a new cuisine for RCI and make a really complicated dish too.
    Manasi the 2nd photo had me drooling on the laptop :-)

  7. This made me hungry instantly! Great entry! Can I make what you made? :D

  8. Looks like my kind of recipe Manasi. Thanks to you and heroine for posting this :).

  9. Manasi, daal ki poori is awesome! and you had it with aloo sabzi, classic combo :). There's something similar that Punjus make too. Ah! thanks for reminding about daal poori :). i can go on drooling and dreaming now :-D.

    And say my thanks to heroine too :). yaar, these cute nicknames that we give to friends, aha! its so much fun :).

  10. Fabulous combo Manasi, loved the Dal Puris, I'm gonna try them sometime :)

  11. WOW very nice entry my dear. I wish I am your neighbors!!!!

  12. Hi Manasi, I haven't ever made puris and now with the dal inside I'd want to try :) And thank you for giving the aloo recipe with it because they look SO great together! :)

  13. let me drool for some more time... as i am on strict diet(i just started it since yest, so dont ask me how long its gonna last;) all i can do is drool... thanks to u and ur heroine for this wonderful recipe:)

  14. That looks so flavorful, Manasi! I agree with Suganya, I might try making this into parathas, although nothing like puris for that melt-in-the-mouth taste.

  15. wow this reminded me of dal wali the last picture

  16. Manasi!!!
    thats one good looking recipe dear!!! i have never tried any bihari recipes not that i know off but bcoz i didn't, hope i can try something!! Yours look delicious!!

  17. thanks for sharing lovely recipe and dham poori lookssss sooo yummyyyyy

  18. Manasi, I love puris in general but this one stuffed with channa dhal will definitely take it a step further. Lovely. Thanks for this recipe.

  19. Mouthwatering Manasi, seriously wish I cud have this puri right now!

  20. Hi manasi, I am a great fan of yours! but first time commenting, I just wanted to say the puris look divine! I think my mom in law makes khasta kachori in a similar fashion, i'll have to check now, you've got me craving these gems.

  21. sahi! puri reminds me of kachori...tondala pani sutlay baghun! :)

  22. wow!! indise poori looks cool...i'm also a poori lover...i'm drooling dear...really awesome entry!!!

  23. Ouuuu, this dal-puri sounds delicious. I like!

  24. Nice to have such a friend.The last picture is very tempting and that shows the differentiation from the usual pooris.

  25. looks soooooooo good, yumm Manasi, can I come round for dinner?

  26. Lovely pooris! Throw all the guilt out of the window and enjoy the tasty meal! :)

  27. Mansi, I missed this yummy post, the puris looks sooo yummmmmyyy.. I wanna grab some now!

    Reg ur query whether to use Wheat bread for double ka meetha or not:

    The basic reason to use 'white bread' is for texture and softness. Wheat breads which are not firm and as soft as white bread would be ideal for this recipe. Hope this helps!


  28. hi!!!i am also a puri fan..(married to indian. i am from malaysia

  29. Beautiful dal puri and pictures look too good Manasi:)

  30. dal puris look yum, how i would love to have this for breakfast:) Just curious,what is sattu ka atta?

  31. Love it , Mansi,
    thanks to you and your friend..
    will come back, have to read much in your blog..thanks dear for letting me know abt this wonderful place..

  32. Hi Bee, Yes I 1st came across the paratha varsiopn in Cynthia's blog!!

    Hi Rajitha, AShwini,Easycrafts, Thank U so much!!!

    Hi Shweta, Sure!! Go right ahead!!!

    Hi Shilpa, Musical,Namratha, Kajal, Thank u dears!! Musy, u r so right abt these nick names, they are fun!

    Thank U Linda!!

    Sia.... DIET!! nooooooooo!!! Try these pooris, u will love them, diet tomorrow ;)

    Hi Nupur, the parathas taste very good too, I tried a version from cynthia's blog!!

    Hi Rachana, Padmaja, Sagari, Thank U! Rachana, even I am a ig time fan of kachoris!!

    Hi Laavanya, Bindiya! Thanks a lot!

    Hi Alpa, thank u so much for ur kind words!! I love khasta kachori too!! YUM!

    Hi Tee, Remya, Thank U!!!!

    Hi Cynthis, Me too likey!! yum!!

    Hi Seec, Thnx a lot!!

    Saju, I'm Waiting!!!!

    Hi LAtha, That's just what I did!! hehehe!!!;)

    Hi Siri,thank u so much for clarifying my doubt!! hugs!

    Hi deanacakes, Aha!! another puri fan!!! Do u make puri's often?

    Hi Rak, Thanx a lot

    Hi Paati, SAttu is a flour made from roasted dalia, it is high in nutrition.

    Hi Seena, Thanks for dropping by!!

  33. Manasi, the dalpuri looks of my friends used to bring this in her lunchbox,her mom always sent in some extra ones for us...thank to you and your 'heroine' for reminding :-)

  34. Wow Mansi,
    These poori's are so adorable.There is a similar dish in south called biscuit ambade.Well you reminded me of that.thanks for sharing such a lovely recipe

  35. Wow! you made aloo rasedaar too, Manasi? Great minds do think alke, huh?;-)
    I've never heard of daal-puri before. Sounds really good. I would have tried it had I not been so lazy! Frying, grinding, pressure-cooking are things I try to avoid whenever possible 'cos I hate the work involved in clean-up later:-)

  36. Dal puri ...thats something quite new to me...looks yummy Manasi

  37. Dal-puri is simply awesome. Its been ages since i had puris. have missed out on a lot of great posts on ur blog.


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