Monday, November 05, 2007

A Box Full of Love!!!

It was late, I was tired and dragging my feet in the passage and doing something that comes naturally (to me) when tired... thinking morbidly about climbing the stairs (even though it is just one flight up) and cleaning up the house.. which I always leave in a mess when going off to work in the mornings.. and of the weather and the laundry.. and ironing (and how I can make M do it again this week). Does that happen to you guys and gals too?

Somehow in all these thoughts, another slid into my mind, that of my Mother and how she managed to do everything when I was a kid. If I leave my house in a (kind of) mess in the mornings, it is NOTHING compared to the hurricane that used to hit our home every single day when I was a kid! But I rarely heard my Mom grumble (not until I was *old enough* to start tidying up behind me), somehow that memory gives me comfort and the strength! So on this (grumbly) evening as M and I climbed the stairs, I decided to go and tidy up, afterall, it is not so bad!

As we came in view of the door M spotted a package left at the doorstep... perplexed we both ran forward to see what it could be.. we had not ordered anything, we were not expecting anything! Picking up the box and looking at the senders address was even more confusing.. the label said ' Godbole, Mumbai'. We don't know any Godbole, Mumbai!!
What do you suppose this is?? and what is it doing on my doorstep? Oh it was for me... no mistake about that! Had my Name, my address... yet???? Do mistakes as big as this box happen??

I'll be honest, it did not click! Mom had made a reference to "don't make any Diwali sweets/ namkeens this year, don't strain yourself " a few days ago, but I did not associate that conversation to the box or to Godbole, Mumbai!
On opening the box I was stunned!!

And then I read this e-mail...(excerpt)

When I came to know that this facility is available in Vashi, I was thrilled. I always wanted to send Faral to you for Diwali. My wish is fulfilled now. Hope you will enjoy it. You need not wait till Diwali to taste it. You can enjoy it after you get it. I know the quantity is too small but can not help!
Love and ashirwad,
So this is my Box FULL of LOVE!!

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And NO, the contents are NOT limited in quantity!!! They are perfect and of course the unlimited love that comes with it satiates us!!!
My throat welled up and I could not say a word! All that was left unsaid coursed down my cheeks in a warm wave of love! My vision was blurred for a few minutes (just like it is now, as I type this post) but once again my own words came back to me...... I used to quote this to my trainees ( when I was a Trainer in India with one of India's largest mobile phone networks) in reply to their queries about 'free calls' .." Nothing in this world is free, except parents love". Am I right, or am I right????
This time last year my parents were with us, celebrating my very first Diwali after my marriage and it was a very very special time for me and I was feeling a bit flat this year and missing them a lot, but now, now they are with me in spirit and this display of their undying affection has bridged the huge gap between two countries!

What more can a Daughter ask for? I am truly blessed!
Happy Diwali!!
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  1. That was v touching..and yes nothing compares to the Lov which we always get in abundance from our parents esp mom...thats endless and free at no cost :)

  2. I am very happy for you. Our parents are the best. Enjoy their love.


  3. very touching manasi. You must be thrilled to receive it, what a sweet gesture from your parents!!

  4. hey manasi, what a sweet gesture from your parents and you must be so overwhelmed right?

  5. how lovely!!! such a sweet gift from ur aayi and very touching note from u. yup, nothing in this world is for free other than love, especially parent's love:) enjoy the goodies and look forward to my postal address too ;)

  6. That was so touching...and yes, you were definitely right...nothing beats parent's love is free and unlimited.

  7. how sweet! I myself was feeling so happy just looking at the box...can imagine how you are feeling! :)You are absolutely right--parents'love is so unconditional and abundant, its always a secure feeling around them.
    Enjoy your faral ! :)

  8. Manasi now I really wish I lived in L.A. Arent moms the best? Happy Diwali to you and M.

  9. May I be adopted by your parents? PLEEEAASE!!;D
    That is love. She didn't want you to strain yourself making all these, so she sent some for you! What a thoughtful mom. Enjoy everything sweetheart, you are lucky. Happy Diwali!:))

  10. This is such a heartwarming Diwali present, Manasi! And even more valuable because of the love with which your Aai has sent it to you! and i agree, i dunno' how, but Moms always manage to do sooooooo many things at the same time! Here's to the loving Moms :).

  11. What a sweet post Manasi........I am touched....Our parents love is unparallelled...has no match :-)))

  12. A touchy and lovely post Mansi.. I could feel the warmth and love of aunty ( ur mom) in the post. reminded of my mom..:) truly.. nothing like "mother's love"..:DD
    Advanced Diwali wishes dearie..:)

  13. Aww that was soooo thoughtful of your mommy dearest! I can imagine your happiness, such a sweet sweet surprise, I'm sure you won't forget this Faral ever!! :) May you always be blessed with such love!!

  14. that is so touching :) hope you enjoyed the snacks!

  15. Super sweet gift re..Nothing is free except parents true..
    C'mon girl..cheer up and send the remaining stuff to me:)
    Happy Diwali to you and M!

  16. Hi Manasi,
    Your right up and the reactions thereon are much sweeter than the Faral you received. "Godbole" may have lived up to his name, but your writings and the responses thereon transcend the selfappointed sweet talker.Enjoy Faral.Happy Diwali.
    Aai and Baba

  17. mansi, i can imagine how you are feeling.... my mother's just gone back after 2 months and i find myself missing her so much that i linger in her her about 3 times a day....(i used to train in a mobile company too...and i'd always say we'd deliver 100% customer service if we learnt just 5% from our mother's attitude) ...have a wonderful diwali!!

  18. Very touching post... last year, we were with my parents spending our first Diwali after marriage... and guess what?? S is arranging for us to go this year as well. So, I'm looking forward to having a great time. I agree that there is such a thing as FREE :-)

  19. I can feel you Manasi, that is indeed a very lovely and hearty surprise. Happy Diwali.

  20. A very touching post Manasi. It can't be compared with anything. Enjoy your festival. Happy Diwali. Look forward to talk to you. Please call me before 7 am or after 8 PM. Thanks. Viji

  21. Hey! This is way cool! What a neat surprise!

    Happy Diwali!

  22. that is one great feast,Manasi..lucky u..hey ,,u have been tagged for a meme!!!.chek my post

  23. Reading your post i am so touched by your moms love that i am with tears. Enjoy your present.
    Happy early Diwali to you and your husband

  24. that is so cool of your mom! I felt tearful after reading your post, so touching

  25. that is so sweet... i can imagine u getting emotional about is a reminder that our parents keep thinking of us all the time..have a great diwali girl :)

  26. Hi Manasi, U won't believe..this happened with me sasu told me don't prepare anything for this Diwali when we chatted last weekend...i was wondering why??? But she still insisted just don't prepare anything!! And today i recd a box just like u did...just a day before Diwali...its probably similar Diwali Faral box...I am waiting for my hubby to come home so that we can open this 'BOX OF LOVE' together!!
    HAPPY DIWALI!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tejashree Bund

  27. Hi Manasi,
    As you said, nothing comes free except parents love .
    i like the way you expressed it in blog.
    Convey my diwali wishes to your parents too.

  28. Hi Manasi,

    How many parallels are we gonna have :-)...
    First that kaku's book and now Diwali faraal.

    Yesterday I also received box full of love (from Panashikar, Dadar).. I expected it as my parents had told me.. but still, after receiving it I also could not control myself and cried :-(

    And yes, one more thing.. Vashi is another common link.. my parents stay in Vashi too (in fact I stayed in Vashi till the time I got married and so did my hubby) Its one of my most favorite places :-))

    I understand just too well how you must have felt cause I am in eggzzaactly same boat...
    Wish you a very happy Diwali and wish for all of us that next Diwali we will get to celebate with all our near and dear ones !

    Take care,

  29. happy diwali to you and yours, manasi.

  30. Thank U so much!!!
    I wish I could share these goodies with all of u!!
    kitchen scientist thanx for tagging me!! will do the MeMe!!!

    Tejashree isn't it the greatest feeling!! feels soo special!!

    Archana!!! is n't this amazing!!? u know, even I hv started calling it 'kakuncha pustak!' and u too got a box full of love!! Panshikar!! Oh!! I love their pedhas!!! And where from in vashi are u? I am from Sec 9/A (opp. Fr. Agnels), actually my parents are now in a new apt. in CBD...


  31. Manasi ! Enjoy your Diwali dear !!
    And yes, Its sooo True, Nothings free in this world other than one's own parents love! No one can disagree with it. May God always keep our parents happy and healthy and in His care always :-)
    Very Well Written !

  32. Really touching, this is the time when u miss ur family the most and if ur family surprises u with this much of love .....believe me this is ur day enjoy
    Regards to ur Aai.

  33. You made my eyes well up as I read... this is pure love. Your mom is the best. She knew exactly what you needed.

  34. too much.. you left all of us misty eyed....Happy Diwali to you

  35. My vision got blurred just reading this Manasi, this is such a sweet little gesture and you've captured it so well... I can very well relate, it's been many years since I celebrated diwali with my parents :) Wish you a very Happy Diwali!

  36. Hey!
    I do not know you, but your post really moved me :)
    It was as if you took words from my heart and penned them down... really, what more can daughters ask for.

    P.S. Happy Diwali!

  37. ok, this post seriously made me all teary eyed :(
    Moms are the best! Happy Diwali to you and family manasi!

  38. A box full of unending selfless love, indeed.

    Very touching post! When I make the diwali goodies, I remember how my mother used to make sure all our favourite goodies are made and packed during each of our visits!
    Lovely write up! Enjoy dear!:)

  40. Wish u a happy diwali Manasi. Enjoy! Hope you are flying high in joy and love from your parents for this diwali.. Touching post...

  41. You sure are a gifted person to have a wonderful gift from your parents...:))

  42. WOW....if any one send this type of box me than I feel like heaven. I can understand the feelings of your. Sometimes I also feel when my both sister in USA and I like to send something but transportation is very costly so they say not send here. Enjoy everything my dear. All things are with lots of love. You are lucky my dear.:))

    Hppy Diwali!!!!

  43. aww! aren't u one lucky gal :) so very sweet of ur mom to send it, pahun pharach chan vataley!
    i remember getting a small peda box and was thrilled to bits!
    tula ek vicharu ka, hee konti facility ahey, tyanchi courier website ahey ka?

  44. Once again a heartfelt thank u to ALL of u wonderful people who have left me such beautiful comments!!! With every bite of these goodies I thought of all of u!!! I also told my parents how special each and every one of u s, and they agree... even if we have not met, there are so many reasons to call u 'my friends' and u all have a special place in my heart!!!

    Richa, the stores where my Mom placed the order is GODBOLE Stores, i will get the details and let u know. Apart from these stores, 'Panshikar Bros. ' has the same scheme too. They are from Mumbai.

  45. Wow..that was very touching...the way you presented your post..i got emotional too!

  46. What a sweet sweet SWEET post, Manasi! I can imagine how your heart raced, and how even the tikhat chakli must have tasted sweet to you that day. It is indeed a loving gesture from your parents!

  47. Hi Mansi,,
    My eyes welled up too on reading ur post. Our parents are so far away, but never far from our hearts. My mom dad just visited Amritsar and they bought some shawls for me, which they will send soon. Isn't it true tht God could not be everywhere, and so he made moms (and dads too).

    Happy Diwali

  48. wow ! i am truely touched reading this post. Happy for you, enjoy the goodies :)

  49. Oh Mansi, this is such a touching post. Even my eyes welled up. There are so many times when we hurt parents badly, but they keep coming back to us, only to love us more. That is one thing that never depriciates.

  50. Very touchy manasi. You are very right abt parents love. Nothing can be compared with it. Thanks to your Aai for making your day. So nice of her.

  51. You are so lucky!!!!!!!!!! I can feel all the love just looking at the box. What a priceless gift. It's really touchy manasi. Enjoy :).

  52. Manasi, this is the post I read last night and was left so moved that I didn't think I could do it justice with a comment.

    I guess I feel the same way now! But wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it. It's plain to see what a sweet person you are.

    Hope you had a happy happy Diwali :)

  53. wow mansi, I am reading some of ur earlier posts now and just read ur post about diwali..very touchy indeed

    Hey u from vashi..I stayed in vashi as a PG during my engg days in sector 7,i love that place but unfortunately haven't had a chance to visit vashi after that,i am sure it would have changed a lot.Did u study in fr.agnel

  54. Godbole Stores as come up with this brilliant idea for diwali. My mom's been sending Diwali sweets from them for last 2 years. It makes us feel like we are in Mumbai and enjoying home made diwali goodies. Their quantity is perfect, the mithai and farsan are very good. I wish we could order them directly from US.


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