Thursday, January 17, 2008

And so it happened to me!! A copycat stalked on my blog....

I never thought it would happen to me!! I saw it happen with the others, I was sorry and angry about it.. but I guess when it really happens to you, that's when one feels the real pinch!
Let me explain what I am rambling about, I am a member on Orkut which has a large number of 'communities' which discuss various topics of interest. Among these I found one community with a cooking video on making Til Wadi (Sesame Bars) and out of interest clicked on it. To my surprise I saw a picture stolen from my post staring up at me!

I blinked.. I rubbed my eyes.. re-re checked to make sure I was not hallucinating.. NO, it was definitely my picture!
So I set about leaving a polite message for the lady, asking her to remove my picture which she, no doubt must have laboriously hunted and copied, but the poor sap did not realise that not only is it wrong to copy/ steal and take credit for some body's work, but .. that the recipe calls for slightly different ingredients too!
Not that the picture is that good (indeed, I have always maintained that my pictures are probably the most amateurish ones in blogosphere) but be that as it may, it is still is my work and I am not happy about it being casually pinched! I work hard to keep my blog up and running and naturally feel possessive about my posts and the pictures in it.
So far she has not responded nor co-operated.. needless to say by this time I was vexed.. I went ahead and left another message on (in the hope that it might awaken / jolt her slumbering conscience) requesting her to take off my picture.
If you all have any suggestions, please do let me know.
Please support me in fighting one more war against plagiarism.
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  1. hmmm...thats really very bad...Siri from Siri's corner just found another blogger who copies recipes from hers and various other blogs!! this is jsut sooo bad!! i know!! the amount of effort we actly put in to keep our blogs up n running and all someone else does is to do some extensive search n copy stuff!!im soo sorry this happened to u..

  2. This is so bad..someone taking credit for your hard work. I have been there too Mansi...I left a comment and next day the comment section was disabled. Don't know how to stop this.

  3. Sorry to hear about that Mansi...In know, it's such a pain :-((

  4. could u please send me an email to indianfood.cookingatgmaildotcome

  5. This is really bad mansi ...I am feeling very sorry ....

  6. Well said Mansi, we will realise the pinch of plagiarsm once our work is stolen. Thats what happened to me too today.. felt so angry and frustrated.. Is there no end to this plagiarism?.. I wonder what do they get my doing such immoral things.

    I am so sorry dear.. but this stuff happens..:( and I guess there is no end to it..

    ~ Siri

  7. It is so infuriating when people steal your work!

    We should check the archives on Dining Hall, I remember reading a long time back about being able to put some code in your blog that would prevent people from being able to copy pictures and text from your blog.

    If I find the post, I'll let you know because I want to do that for my blog too.

  8. Sorry to hear about that, Manasi.
    It is really frustrating to see someone else take credit for what you have done.
    But I am not surprised at all. Dishonesty exists in so many different forms around here. Just recently, one of the "popular" bloggers participated in a photography competition and took credit for a pic when it won the first place. The pic was sourced from elsewhere and was not even hers! A couple of people alerted the hostess of the event about this and her entry was disqualified. I left a comment on her blog which was obviously not published. What surprises me is that this person is going about blogging as though nothing has happened! I was planning to mention something about it on my blog...

    I hope the matter is sorted out quickly, Manasi.

  9. Hi Mansi, That is so mean. I hope some good sense prevails and you get the due credit.

  10. there is no end to this ugly business :(

  11. ohhh that's the worst that can happen Mansi, sorry for I'm worried too coz I have my blog link and the feeds on Orkut. There's no knowing when the pics have been copied unless we accidentally come upon sure right is your hard work, lets hope she will remove it soon.

  12. Sorry to hear that.
    I know its not he first time it happened to food blogger, stil lit hurts a lot. may be you can show the reality by posting your messages in the community you are a part of. If the photo thief has slightest self respect left in her/him , she would like to replce the picture.

  13. Dear Mansi

    Its really sad to hear such things happening around us...I went thru the same feeling when someone was trying to use my blog name...We should try to think of means and ways to protect our stuff....Its really too precious to us....


  14. Hey Manasi, that's really totally undermines all the efforts that the blogger puts into making a great post! I hope the person in question apologizes to you (and to other sources that he/she copies from).

    Cheer up girl,


  15. thts so sad mansi...feeling very sorry for u...sum1 taking credits for ur hardwork hurts a lot :(

  16. That is so happens not just in the blog world..Being a textile designer myself, I have seen my designs on stuff that I never designed for..someone else earns the credit and the name!!! There is just no end to it!!!

  17. Dear Manasi,
    It really hurts when someone steals your work and takes credit for it.This shows her meanmind. I am with you in this fight.She will have to remove that picture.

  18. but it looks your blog is protected from copying(copyscape) then how come she was able to copy it? but its bad..if she could make a video why not click a simple picture?

  19. Makes you feel so cheated! I guess we're all in this together. Sorry it happened to you...& sadly I feel its gonna keep cropping its ugly head up!

  20. Hi Manasi,
    Sorry to hear about it. I know how you are feeling because I felt like that just a few weeks back. I don't know how to stop it. Inspite of displaying the "Copyright" info on the blog, it keeps happening. I am realtively a new blogger, I really do not know much about how to stop it? But count me in, against the plagiarism.

  21. Oh Mansi - I can u'stand how you must feel, n I really worry at the thought of how mean people could be. Just dont know how to stop this. Its so good that you at least came to know about this.

  22. This is one of those amusing/irritating things going around! Amusing cos its sometimes flattering that ur work is considered gud enough for someone to make use of it..irritating that they use it taking credit for all the hard work that you put in!

  23. How can she do it.
    Ofcourse you feel possisive about your picture.
    It is your right.
    I hope she've removed the pic from her place

  24. i stumbled on ur blog while wandering aimlessly in the blogosphere. loved the food pics and hung on.

    feel so bad to hear abt ur work being stolen. huh. nakalchi bandar!

    i m your fan now . love the way u cook and describe it.....

    love and regards from way back home

  25. I am a new blogger and although a create a lot of recipes myself. I do however like to try out other bloggers recipes, but then I copy it with a link to their site and always gives the credit to the creator of that recipe - is that ok? I would hate to be in trouble for something....

  26. I'm sorry to hear about that Manasi.. I hope she removes your picture or atleast gives you credit for it. It's very unfortunate indeed.

    btw, the tomato rice looks delicious.

  27. Thank U all for ur concern
    Looks like honesty is not the 'in' thing these days.. sadly the thief in concern has not removed my picture, she first claimed that her son was unwell, so she was busy, but since them she has had time to make a few more videos. It is sad that a woman should 'use' her son to shield her dishonesty.

  28. You took the correct step Manasi. But my only suggestion is - don't let these trivial things to bother you much or stop your enthusiasm. Just inform them and ignore. Stress is killer disease. Take care and keep smiling. Viji

  29. manasi
    check this site


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