Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Masala Paav

I am back home in Los Angeles. Oh how glad I am! While I liked Peoria (IL) where we had temporarily re-located, I missed all the conveniences of home, like walking to the stores ( Indian stores at a stones throw, it don't get better than this) , meeting friends, going to the park with S, going for a drive and cooking in a regular kitchen.
We are more or less settled in the new apartment, less... of furniture,that is. Just before our India trip, we donated all our furniture, save the bed. The apartment as of now is a blank canvas. I kept  the kitchen stuff as is, I am NOT parting with that! Moreover, in this new apartment, I have a stove [:(] as opposed to the gas in the previous apartment. Well, you win some and you lose some.
Now that I am back home, I feel like cooking and hunger pangs in the evening, on weekends, assert themselves. I crave Mumbai junk food. While I am wary of deep frying, I am not opposed to the array of other snacks that have been a part of growing up in Mumbai. One such snack is Masala Paav. 
Those who are fond of Paav - Bhaji (who isn't?) are familiar with Masala Paav. Masala paav is basically a paav with pav bhaji masala (sans the  potato, cauliflower and peas) stuffed in the middle. where paav-bhaji is filling, masala paav makes a not-so-stuffy snack.
I remember eating Masala paav at DP's (Durga Parmeshwari's - Matunga, Mumbai) opposite my college. A dwindling pocket money scenario made this snack all the more tempting. Specially in the monsoon season.
Sometimes I feel sunny weather is wasted on me. I LOVE rainy days. I like waking up and looking at overcast skies and hoping for rain. 
Heavy rains, masala paav and steaming cup of masala chai = Happiness!  Add a book in one hand, couldn't ask for more! 

I use these mini buns  for making Masala Paav, when I can get them easily at the store. Otherwise the regular Burger bun works fine too, except that the filling is sufficient for 4 burger buns.

You need:
4 Burger buns ( about 6 mini buns)
2 Tbs. Butter

For the filling / stuffing:
1 large Onion, finely chopped
2 large Tomatoes, chopped
1/2 Green Bell Pepper, finely chopped
2 fat cloves, Garlic
1/2 tsp. Red chili powder 
Pinch Turmeric
3/4 tsp Pav-bhaji masala ( I used Everest Brand)
2 Tbs. Oil or Butter
Salt to taste
2-3 tbs. Cilantro finely chopped

Heat oil/butter in a kadhai/ wok on med-high
Add onion and bell pepper and sauté till onion is transparent and the bell pepper is soft
Add the chopped garlic and sauté till the garlic turns golden brown and the raw smell disappears
Add the tomatoes and cook till they are are soft and mushy
Add the red chili powder ,turmeric salt
Mix well and cook for a minute
Now add the Paav-bhaji masala and mix well and cook till the mixture will comes together
The mixture should not be runny (from the juice of the tomatoes)
Add the cilantro and turn off the heat.

Heat a skillet and butter the buns on the inside and brush a bit of the butter on the top and bottom of the bun
lay the buns on the hot skillet and toast them to a light golden brown on the inside and just briefly on the outside
Scoop a portion of the filling onto the bottom bun and cover with the top. Press down lightly.Serve hot with lime wedges ( optional for those who want the extra tang)

*Verdict: These make a lovely evening snack but rather on the mild side and even little ones can try, as you can see. Next time I will try increasing the  paav-bhaji masala to 1 tsp. and red chili powder to 3/4 tsp. 
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  1. I want to have one of that, looks so so goo. ANd i am drooling here.
    Good that you kept your kitchen stuff :-)

  2. Delicious and mouth watering !! Love the masala pavs esp the ones at Gokul (Santa Cruz) when we were working remember?Glad you are back home and settled in ..no place like home ! Pls send me your phone number on my email id ..would love to catch up with you it's been soo long

  3. Woww wat a beautiful click, makes me hungry and i never say no to this masala paav..yumm!

  4. masala pav luks very tempting dear,lovely presentation.

  5. My hubby is looking over my shoulder right now and he says this reminds him of the fabulous street food from the streets of Pune during his bachelor days..Guess now i am gonna have to make it:)
    It looks fantastic!!

    US Masala

  6. Oh gosh...im drooling looking at the pic...slurp :)

  7. masala pav looks super delicious n tempting dear ...i love this bombay street food very much


  8. Yummy snack and a guilt free one at that as well :-)

  9. That is so tempting... Gonna try asap :)

    And u were in India :O Wish I knew :(

  10. That looks so tempting :d Gonna try it soon enuff....

    And u paid a visit to India :O I wish I knew :p


  12. Beautiful Pictures.
    Definitely going to try this masaala pav one rainy day!

  13. WOW! I have to say.. this blog made my day! and the masala pav stimulated an unexplained hormonal reaction in my body.
    Just wanted to say Thank you!!
    also I read somewhere that you're based in Torrance, CA. I live in Torrance too and I was wondering if I could get some Masala Pav :))
    I don't mean to be creepy, but I couldn't resist asking. This page was like a whiff of home, so far away from home.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    -Nilesh Vohra

  14. Tank U Nilesh,for ur kind comment. I do not cater, but may I suggest.. try this at home, it is very simple with few ingredients and u will be successful ( pl adjust the spice level, I prefer mild food)
    And if u have any queries, pl feel free to ask :)

  15. DP`s used to be Fav with us too. Wondering if you were from Poddar or Ruiya?? The Masala Paav looks simply awesome!


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