Thursday, September 23, 2010

A peep in to my world- My Kitchen

If you ask M about my whereabouts, his reply would be, " she's in the kitchen". If I am not running around S, I am in the kitchen. 
So when Nupur let us peep into her kitchen and invited us to reveal our kitchens, it was an invitation I could not pass up. 
When I moved to this new apartment, I had swapped it for a galley kitchen, slightly larger than the current one, a  fridge in the apartment and most importantly, a gas stove.
I was lucky that a friend was moving to India and she sold me her fridge just as I moved in.
So here I am , with a new kitchen with an electric stove, and  still loving it all (much to my surprise- I mean about the stove)
My kitchen at a glance

The counter space I have available is just around the stove 

I also want to take this chance to show off to you guys my NEW  SUMEET MIXIE!! My Parents gifted me this 'must have' on my recent trip to India. My parents are the GREATEST! 
I try to keep the counter tops uncluttered, but since I have very little space, I have to place a few things within easy reach. So right next to the stove is my 'Masala Dabba/ Spice Box' and a small plastic container with  wheat flour(used for dusting when rolling chapatis), underneath the rack is a packet of wet wipes to clean up the space after I am done cooking and next to it is an orange tub, I use that when I am chopping up something to discard stems, covers, peels etc. 

Now with a small kitchen and tiny counter tops, you might wonder how I make  rotis/ chapatis.. well, I have  this small rolling island, which doubles up as a medium to roll the rotis and  storage, I keep some cook books  and my electric rice cooker on it and I roll into the tiny kitchen when I want to make rotis,

Like so... 

One thing that was  in favor of this kitchen was the dishwasher, it may surprise many  of you however, this is my first kitchen with a dishwasher.
The storage near the stove is  full of the usual grocery items, pots and pans, crockery. I do have a narrow pantry, but it is useless as it is has no shelves, just one big cavity. I am planning to get the manager to put in a couple of shelves, if he will..

I can look into the living room from the kitchen and keep an eye on S as he plays  or chat with M as he works or relaxes.
What I love about my kitchen is that I have trimmed some stuff and I have also firmly decided  that I will not buy something unless I REALLY need it and in the process, I will try to throw out / donate something old and  unwanted , before I bring in the new item. I will try and maintain the balance and the manageability.

So here we are, at the end of the tour.  Have you clicked to join Nupur's party?
I am looking forward to all the entries. A peep into  your kitchen, to see where all the fantastic recipes are churned out!
See you all soon at the link party! Have a great weekend! Pin It


  1. Wow, Pallu, I can see you in this kitchen, and smell delicious food as well :)... Enjoy everything good about it and try to ignore others. Happy cooking!

  2. Awesome! you make things much more manageable...I got the same size kitchen, will get a rolling kitchen island soon..
    Sumeet mixie reminds me of kitchen back home. Happy Cooking!

  3. Awesome! you make things much more manageable...I got the same size kitchen, will get a rolling kitchen island soon..Sumeet Mixie reminds me of kitchen back home.
    Happy Cooking!

  4. even i have to join the party,,,nice clicks,..

  5. Thanks for the peek into your kitchen! Very cute space, and the sumeet mixie steals the show :) Have you been using it a lot? Thanks for playing along and revealing your kitchen.

  6. Anonymous : Thank U, for the lovely compliment! I wish U had put ur name with the comment, I'd love to know which amongst my dear friends has enjoyed the post.

    Chhaya: Thank U! The island really helps with such a tiny space and where everything gets in the way of everything else. the Sumeet is amazing! must have :)

    notyet100 : I'd look to peep into ur kitchen as well. Hope u click soon.

    Nupur: Thank U for hosting the event! I use the mixie a lot and have fun every time, the novelty is still there!

  7. love this post. you have managed the small space very well. neatly arranged kitchen. My Maa still uses her 15 year old Sumeet mixie.

  8. Wow, Manasi..that was a very well-kept kitchen. I too live in So Cal and didn't have a dishwasher for the first 5 years of my stay is indeed a premium in California. You have done a great job with it!

  9. I like the idea of a rolling island. I often need more space in my kitchen.

  10. You have a nice little kitchen.. Looks neat & organized. Check out my kitchen when you get a chance.

  11. I want that sumeet mixie, when i was in Indian i bought the philps one and that is really not good one.
    Loved the tour of your kitchen.

  12. Wow , what a cute space you have. lovely post

  13. Thanks for the taking a peek into my kitchen. You must be a very neat person, as your kitchen looks very tidy. Sumeet mixie is still aworkhorse in my mom's and sis's kitchen.

  14. Hi Manasi,

    Amazing kitchen...Lovely clicks...


  15. hi
    I love your small and cute kitchen
    My kitchen too is very small but yours is good looking too...
    can you tell me how you got that sign on the picture and also the text please help....
    I love tagging photos but do not know how to...

  16. hey Manasi..neat and cute kitchen
    regarding your question -buttermilk is basiaclly the liquid left behind after churning butter out of can find it where they have milk ,half n half and similar products..I have a feeling that you can substitute it with milk and yogurt mixed in equal proportion, but have never tried it that way.

    US Masala

  17. very neat and clean looking kitchen!!
    can imagine you here:)
    congrats on the new Mixie:)

  18. Hi,

    The kitchen ,though it is small, has all the necessary gadgets.
    Small is beautiful and tidy.

  19. Hi This is the first time came across your blog & you have some really delicious recipes here! I'm new to US & the place we are renting has the very same cooktop range as in the pic here (smooth-top).But the iron 'tava' which I brought with me has a curved base hence I can't make rotis on this stove!! Can you please tell me how you manage to?
    Looking forward to your reply.

  20. Hi Anonymous, I can imagine the trouble u are having with the stove. It is difficult to make rotis on a curved tava, specially as heat will not get distributed evenly with a flat top range, I use a regular round flat base tava, sometimes even called dosa tava, it heats evenly and my rotis are soft. Chk something like this:
    Cast iron or a non-stick one, I would suggest a round tava, square ones are not that good.


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