Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rava Ladoo, learning with Pedatha!

A while ago I ordered my copy of Cooking at home with Pedatha the award winning cookbook that won the best vegetarian cookbook in the world 2006 . I had heard so much about it and also the cover drew me like nail to a magnet, I can say it very emphatically in this case- judge the book by it's cover, you will not be let down.

Visit the website of the authors Jigyasa and Pratibha to see this cookbook of traditional Indian recipes and the second one of healthy Ayurvedic recipes.

The eager wait for the book finally ended one fine afternoon as I almost snatched it out of the postman's hand and my impatient fingers fumbled to open the careful packaging. I got it! I felt like my 3 year old when he fetches his ball and holds it aloft triumphantly and yells, I got itttttttttttt!
There is something about a brand new book and the ownership of it that intoxicates me! Does it happen to you too?
With the little one napping and my work done, or almost, who cared then! I sat down on the sofa, legs tucked under me and opened  the book to peruse the contents.
The description, the  page of contents and then the recipes.... the first thing that strikes you is, she makes them look so simple! 
I was transported to my Grandmother's home, when I was a child and watched her bustling about in the kitchen... I felt like I almost was in Pedatha's kitchen and she was instructing me, like a loving Grandma, who knows everything.

I have tried a few recipes from the book- so stay tuned for some authentic Andhra magic,  but I am posting about these awesome ladoos first. It is only fitting that I introduce Pedatha's  stellar recipes with a sweet offering for this festive season! 

The other reason I  chose to  start off with this particular recipe is because I have always heard everyone ( including my Mother) saying that making rava ladoo is difficult! One needs to make the perfect syrup, the dreaded one string consistency... something I have never accomplished, maybe because of the fear factor. I made excuses for my failure , you see I have an electric stove, the horrible coil, that is the reason why it will fail. Strangely, nothing else failed, but I was un- willing to admit the obvious to myself. It was the coil.

Well, I admit to myself and you all, I was wrong, I just did not know and I needed to know when to stop, andaaz in this case was not useful.

And enters Pedatha in my kitchen and lovingly and gently guides me to making my first successful  batch of rava-naral ladoos. 

One bite of this delectable ladoos  and you too will assert, like I did (quote from the book),

whose food I eat, her song I sing!

1 Cup Semolina/rava ( I used Fine) 
2 Cups Fresh Coconut, grated ( I used frozen coconut, thawed)
1 1/2 Cup Sugar 
8-10 Cashew nuts, broken in bits 
8-10 Raisins ( I used Golden raisins)
Pinch Saffron / kesar
Pinch Cardamom powder
1 cup  Ghee

Dry Roast the Semolina on a low flame for a couple of mins

Mix with grated coconut and set aside for 1 to 2 hours

Heat 1 tbsp. ghee and fry the cashews till olden, remove and set aside,  no in the same ghee, saute raisins till puffed up. Set aside

Prepare the saffron by rubbing it in 1 tsp. warm milk to infuse color. Set aside

Add a little more than 1/4 cup water to the sugar and bring to a boil. Strain to remove scum, boil again for a couple of minutes. When the syrup starts bubbling, switch off the flame and set aside

In a wok, heat ghee and roast the semolina- coconut mixture on a low flame  for 5-8 mins or until the mixture turns a light pink

Switch off the flame and add the mixture to the sugar syrup. Add the cashews, raisins, cardamom powder and saffron

When the mixture has cooled a little, make lemon sized balls. Rava-coconut ladoos are ready!


Sending off this Diwali sweet  to Sukanya at Saffron Streaks for the Healing Foods event by Siri 
and also to Priya who is hosting Veggie/Fruit A Month - Coconut
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divya said...

Hmm, looks so delicious and lovely ladoos...

Hari Chandana P said...

Perfect and tempting ladoos.. Simply inviting :D
Indian Cuisine

Priya Suresh said...

Prefect looking delicious laddoos.

Rajee Mani said...

Ladoos look lovely. I love Pedatha's book as well though I havent tried these ladoos. Your pics are tempting me to give them a try soon :-) Happy Diwali to you !!

Unknown said...

My Fear Factor is still the same with rava ladoos.. have had way too many failed attempts and I do not even have the coil to take the blame. Will surely try them now, your pics tempt me little too much.
Love Ash.

Sonu.......... said...



Cham said...

I have coil too I had few fails and success to quote but i haven't tried coconut and rawa together. Pedatha' book is sure a treasure.
Happy Diwali to you and ur Dear ones!

Anonymous said...

Hi Manasi
Happy Diwali to u too.

We would be very happy if you link these delicious rava coco laddoo with the event : healing foods.

thanx for visiting us


Tina said...

delicious ladoo...

aipi said...

Perfect laddos for any occasion n very well like too ~ nicely done n presented!

Vaishali said...

Rava laddoo was always my most favorite diwali sweet, especially the one with coconut and a raisin stuck inside it. Your laddoos make my mouth water-- thanks for posting this recipe, Manasi, and a belated Happy Diwali to you.



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