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Daal Puri for MLLA- 51

Puran poli was a delicacy. It was prepared or ordered only for special occasions like, Ganpati / Diwali. If you  had told me that there is a savory puran poli, say 5-7 years ago, I'd have laughed in your face and reached out for one more soft, sweet puran poli.
If you would have hinted that I would make one, one day, I'd have snorted in disbelief and continued eating.

That was until blogging  opened up so many options for me.

I first came across this version when I read dear Cynthia's post. I knew I *had * to make it.  She also has this awesome slideshow which is perfect for those who are intimidated by the process.
The only Dal-puri I knew of was  this.I do not deep fry much, it is an addiction I try to steer clear of! 
And therefore, this 'paratha' version is  the solution. This, dear readers, is the savory puran poli! 

This dal-roti/puri was introduced in the Mauritius and Caribbean by Bihari immigrants and now is very popular. It is , I believe a popular street food option.

Dal-puri can be eaten as is or served with a vegetarian or non-vegetarian curry. I enjoy mine as is and warm! 

The real dal puri is thin. I have yet to master the thin version, the rest is under control. That maybe because my filling is not smooth enough and I do like to over stuff  my parathas. But I can tell you this much, they are soft and melt in your mouth quality. 

Adapted from: Here 

You need:

For the Filling: ( read notes for changes made)

2/3 cup Chana Daal ( dried yellow peas)

1/2 tsp ground Coriander powder
1/2 tsp Ground Cumin powder
1/8 tsp Cayenne powder or to taste
1 tsp Ground Turmeric
1 tsp Garam Masala
1/2 tsp Salt or to taste.

For the Dough:

1 2/3 cup All purpose flour

3/4 tsp Baking powder
1/2 tsp sugar
approx 2/3 cup lukewarm Water
2 tsp oil

To make the dough, sift the flour and baking powder in a mixing bowl, add the sugar, water and oil  and knead into a soft dough. Cover and set aside for anywhere between 30 mins to 3 hours.

Wash the peas in 3-4 changes of water ( until the water runs clear).

The author has a stove top cooking method detailed, however, I rarely if ever use that, I pressure cook my peas.

I bought one like this out of sheer desperation after my 'desi' cooker started giving me trouble. I haven't quite figured the perfect timings, but I guess I let the peas cook for about 15 mins.  you might argue that stove top method will take about the same time, maybe it will, but I like to let them cook unsupervised. 

The peas must be cooked but firm, this is very important

Once cooked, drain the peas in a colander and allow to cool. The drained water can be used in daal, curries or soup.

Place the cooled peas and spices in a food processor and pulse until very fine.

Stir in 2 t. oil and set aside.

To make dal puri, re-knead the dough for a minute or so before starting to roll.

Heat a skillet on medium high.

Take a small portion of the dough and roll into a disk.

Spoon the filling on to the disk and carefully pull up the sides and seal well to make a 'ball'. 

Dust with flour and applying gentle pressure, roll into a flat bread.

Gently but deftly lift and transfer the flat bread onto the hot skillet.

Drizzle a few drops of oil along the edges.

Cook the flat bread/ puri on both sides but take care not to brown the puri. 

Brown spots will make the daal puri hard. 

Serve warm, with or without a curry.


- The spices mentioned above make a very mild stuffing. I use a bit more to suit my taste buds. 

- I use Badshah Rajwadi Garam Masala

- Some versions of daal -puri use garlic and fresh red chilies.

- Whole wheat flour can be substituted for all purpose flour, however, I have never tried it and cannot vouch for the success.

-If you have  food chopper / mixie- chutney attachment, use that instead of food processor, it makes the filling very fine and easier to roll. I have a large food processor (14 cup) and the filling is not so much!

- Do not cook till brown spots appear on the daal-puri, that makes it hard and not enjoyable. 

Sending this as my (late)  entry to MLLA-51, hosted by Jaya of DesisoccerMom fame and the event started by The well-Seasoned Cook.

On a different note, my image on  the Dal-puri post ( RCI-Bihar) has been copied and used here, of course without permission. Not that the picture s great, but it is my work. I wish people would stop doing this. I have complained, hope some action will be taken. 

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  1. Thanks Manasi for this late but delicious entry. I have had dal poori (the deep fried version) before but this is so much healthier. :-)

  2. I simply love this daal puri with lal mirch achaar..You have tempted me enough to make this soon. Too bad people steal pics without blinking eyes.

    1. Deepa, thank for the kind words, now you have me craving lal mircha ka achaar! I love it.
      I hope these thieves just clam up, it is so frustrating.

  3. loved this version of daal this also popular in Calcutta as a street food?

  4. Lovely take on savory puran polis, But we will not call it puran poli, as it jumbles the memories and images in our minds. These look and am sure will taste yumm. I have never seen them before. Next Time we meet, make them for me. AM lazy in many ways than I show you.
    Love Ash.

  5. I am so tempted to break a piece of the soft folded polis! I can imagine the texture just by looking at them...really awesome! A savory puran poli :) that reminds me of a childhood incident. My brother loves sheera but had never tasted upma/sanjha and as a child innocently took a morsel and his expressions were a combination of shock, disbelief, disappointment and 'I-don't-know what to do now!' which made all the adults laugh till their tummies hurt. I am tempted to play the trick again and making these 'puran polis' for him but you never know, this time it could be my turn to give 'that' look since these seem really delicious and he might just love them. :)

    Sorry to read about the stolen pic. Some people just don't get it! I wish there were laws to fine them, maybe that shall get them straight.

    - Priti

    1. Oh! you had me in splits with your story! ooooh! I'd love to be there to see the expression on your brother's face when he bites into one of these ;)

  6. Such an incredible and delicious daal puri,just love to have some.

  7. Delicious dal puri.. First time here ...lov ur space..glad to follow u!

  8. Dal puri.. I have only tasted puran polis and I simply love them. I have never had the courage to try them on my own. You have made them so soft and perfect.

  9. Delicious dal puris...Love it...First time here...happy to foolow you...Visit mine if your time permits...

  10. I saw this recipe on Fox traveler 'Food Safari' by Meave O Mare! and was salivating then and now too! Thanks for sharing

  11. I only just saw this post and immediately clicked on it because the dal puri looked awesome. I was totally surprised when I saw my name mentioned. Hon, these are perfect. Wish I could have a couple now with some tea.

    I am definitely going to try making the sweet version soon!

  12. I wrote a comment but I'm not sure if it went through... these are perfection! I am planning on trying the sweet version very soon.

    1. I am looking forward to the sweet version you make.


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