Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winners of the Giveaway!

Thank you, all of you who have participated and supported me in this event and giveaway.
While I have to choose 2 lucky winners, to me all of you have sent winning entries and with recipes which I want to try myself!

The sponsors have requested that I delete their name and links and hence I have edited this post.

*Disclaimer: I have not received any financial  compensation for hosting this event and giveaway.*

Here are the entries (in no particular order):

Santosh Bangar takes inspiration from a similar dessert on Master Chef (a TV program) and  tempts us with a heavenly combination of not one, but 3 of our favorite Indian desserts, Gajar ka halwa, Pumpking Halwa and Kala Jamun put together in a No Bake Cake.

Usha takes inspiration from Mallika Badrinath's recipe for making a simple and satisfying Plantain Curry , which she makes with small changes. Paired with some plain rice and Rasam, it makes a wonderful meal! 

Sharmi made this wonderful baghare baingan, a recipe inspired by chef Sanjeev Kapoor and also has a great tip to share with us on how to cook the eggplants perfectly. 

Deepa reminisces about Holi, the festival of color and fondly recollects the gaiety and of course food! Her favorite being Kulfi which she has made after a long spell and in such cute molds!  

Lubna uses fresh, crisp winter carrots and while playing with her daughter, Li'll M, makes one of India's favorite desserts, Gajar Ka Halwa in the Microwave

Sangeeta has tried many recipes and admits some have not been successful, until she found Sunita Bhuyan's recipe for a spicy fish bake. Making sight changes, Sangeeta makes this version which is a keeper.

If there is one thing that grabs my attention and makes me drool is a good cake, one that uses white chocolate and raspberries! Shilpa makes this beautiful White Chocolate Pattycake, which she claims is an easy  to make cake (easy for you to say Shilpa!), taking inspiration from a TV show.

Lakshmi saw a post on 'Sharmis Passion' a few days ago and was inspired to try an intimidating dessert,Godhumai Halwa on her blog Chettinad Kitchen and on her other blog, Kitchen Chronicles she shares the recipe, with beautiful pictures for Badushah and the ever popular kaju Katli .

Sowmya of Nivedhanam has a large collection of wonderful recipes and has shared some of those or the contest and giveaway. She bakes a wonderful Pull-Apart Bread, Badam Katli, and Masala Buns, inspired by Raks Kitchen
Taking inspiration Versatile Vegetarian Kitchen, Sowmya makes Whole Wheat Honey Buttermilk Bread, From 'Sharmis Pssions' she made Eggless oat-almond cookies and healthy Granola Bars, taking inspiration from 4th. Sense Cooking.

Fabida who blogs at Shocks and Shoes sends us Nigella Lawson inspired, Devils Food Cupcakes, which look so, so good!

Neelam has made Vegetarian Wings, yes, you read it right, Vegetarian wings- Cauliflower Wings taking inspiration from the original Chicken Wings which originated in 'Anchor Bar', NY. Spicy, hot and vegetarian! Meatless Mondays  ( for non-vegetarians) just got better! 

Chaklis can go any way, either crisp, and crunchy which you just cannot stop eating, or soft, which you want to feed a toothless person or hard, saved for your non-friends, to make them chip a tooth! Yes, those tricky spicy, spirals we (try to) make every year, come Diwali and fuss over them, make frantic calls to our Mom/ MIL  for help...Well, Ashwini of Indulge Ash Corner has made this lovely batch of  Bhajani chi Chakli and  also shared with us a link for making Bhajani ( and here's hoping she will soon share her Mom's cherished recipe)! 

Ujwal makes a tempting Herb and Cheese Pull Apart Bread and what a wonderful bread she has baked! She was nervous, she claims, about making bread, well, Ujwal, I would never have guessed that! The bread ( Inspired by Aparna) looks perfect!  

Vaishali has a vast repertoire of Vegan Recipes, she cooks, bakes and is a kind and loving person and also an animal lover, her blog has so much to offer! She  has baked this perfect Whole Wheat Foccacia that is a treat to look at and I can only imagine tasting it! Oh!  I am making this! 

Hari Chandana of Indian cuisine takes us on a sweet  journey, she has made this Cardamom infused Panna-Cotta and she handmade the cute little heart on the side!  My favorite part is , no gelatin! 

Manisha's IFR, is a treasure of wonderful recipes, witty anecdotes and stunning pictures. Manisha also writes a column for Whole Foods, have you read all her write ups?
She shares with us a detailed recipe for making Kelfulachi (banana blossoms) bhaji, a rather intimidating process, now made easier!  

Thank you so much, all of you, for your wonderful contribution to this event and giveaway.

Now, the drawing is a random drawing, but it would  be no fun if a pair of little hands did not interfere! 

My 4 1/2 year old had a grand time drawing out a lucky name and here is the Winner for the drawing from India (Flipkart voucher) - LAKSHMI. V!

The winner for the Amazon Gift Card ( for the USA) is VAISHALI HONAWAR

Congratulations, Lakshmi and Vaishali!  You will soon receive your Gift Cards! 
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  1. Hi Manasi, thanks for your kind words, and boy do I feel lucky right now to have both won the gift card, and about the prospect of going through these amazing recipes! Thanks for hosting this giveaway, and for the inspiration you give us.

  2. All the recipes sounds great. Congratulations to the winners. Thanks Mansi for setting up this event

  3. Congrats to both the winners..And enjoy your vouchers..It was fun to participate here...

  4. Congratulations to all winner, enjoy the gifts. Thanks for the event Manasi, The thoughts that you put behind introducing each bloger/recipe are well received. The thought process behind each recipe is fun to read as well. Will go through all the recipes, its truly I must make that moment for me now.
    Love Ash.

  5. Thanks a lot Pallavi. I really feel lucky for being picked out of the lucky lot. It was nice reading the roundup. You have presented it in a very nice manner, taking out time to go through each and every entry, and you have explained them very well.

  6. Congratulations for the winner.U did very well.

  7. Thanks for hosting this event Pallavi. It inspired me to bake the cake that I wanted to for a long time. This also reminded me the hundred things I want to prepare.
    Congratulations to winners.

  8. congratulations to the winners. I am glad I took part in this event as It inspired me to bake my first bread and overcome my fear of Yeast

  9. congras to winners nicely presented the round-up


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