Monday, October 16, 2006

Dabeli Roti

Go top on the street food chart!! Just the thing when u want to have something real small time when you are on the go….
I remember the first time my uncle introduced me to this yummy snack….. we stopped in small stall on the street where this guy seemed to be busily and deftly stuffing what seemed like small ‘pav’ with some mixture, and people waiting were drooling….. oh, ok! I’ll have a go (skeptic huh!) So Uncle got me this toasted ‘dabeli’… one bite and I was hooked!
I could not make out this spice, seemed like nothing I had eaten, yet vaguely familiar… ok, one more.. just to check the taste!
For years now I have eaten a ‘dabeli’ off the streets in Mumbai, but I tried making this only when I came to CA… I really missed eating it!
And it’s really easy to assemble it too! This is how I managed it…..

You need
Pav / dinner rolls (unsweetened)

For the stuffing:
2 large Potatoes
Kutchi dabeli Masala (ready packs)
1 finely chopped onion
3-4 spoons finely chopped cilantro
Salt to taste
Grapes (about 12)
1 spoon pomegranate (optional)
Tamarind paste
2 spoons oil
Peanuts (deep fried) another good option is to use dry roasted peanuts, available in all stores

Boil the potatoes, peel and mash them.
Heat oil in a wok, add the mashed potatoes and the Dabeli masala, add salt mix well and cook for a min.
Mix the tamarind paste and jaggery to make a sweet-sour chutney (1:2)
Slice the grapes in 2 (pop a few in ur mouth!).
Slice the dinner roll in the middle (don’t cut thru), scoop in a large spoon of the potato mixture; add some of the chopped onion, peanuts. Top with cilantro, few sliced grapes , pomegranate and close
On the other side of the mixture, apply the tamarind jaggery chutney.
Heat a tava, drop some butter and roll the ready dabeli on it and toast. Serve hot!

(Ideally, the mixture is set in a huge plate and garnished with grapes, pomegranate, grated carrot, which is just scooped onto the pav… but I chose my higgedly-piggedly way of doing it!)

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  1. YUMMMMMMMMM....... I can just imagine myself standing on the road side and enjoying this in mumbai!!!! :) You brought back some wonderful memories...... I must surely try this :)

  2. This is a great snack with masal teas any day! Your recipe is a bit different thought, I have never had grapes in it! but I am sure the crunch and tartness would go nicely with the pav.


  3. Hi Manasi, I love dabeli. In the stall I used to visit in Baroda, he used to spread a layer of red chilli garlic chutney and green chutney on one pav and tamarind chutney on the second pav before filling in the potato mixture. truly yummy. Thanks for this post.

  4. That looks yummy. Any guess why it is called 'roti'? I think I have heard 'dabeli' before but have never tasted it.

  5. Rooma: Yummm, is just about right! Do try and let me know how u like it!! :)
    Trupti : Yes the grapes do taste good . Do u have any other recipe? do let me know !
    Hema: Spreading different chutneys is a good idea, I must try this! Thx for the idea!
    Shilpa: Umm, no idea... maybe time we dig more to find out.

  6. hey
    Any idea if you get the dabeli masala here in US .. i was generally browing and came across this recipie ..and yeah it takes me back to good old days where we used to eat dabeli almost every evening.. we have a uncle who makes this fresh rght outside our colony and ... oh boy i just wanna eat it now ............ !!!

  7. Hi Vanita, Thanx! Now for the masala... it is difficult to get here..It also depends where u stay... near where i stay there is a 'total Indian' setup, but they do not stock it as there is low/ no demand! I get my Mom to send it thru someone if they are coming to L.A. (it can come thru post as well.. i guess!)

  8. Thank you , Thank you! I have been yearning for this after moving to the US. Finally managed to import the masala :) and enjoyed this fab road side wonder today...yum!! am feeling so satisfied...thanks again :)

  9. do u know how to make the masala?? i dont get the masala here...

  10. Hi Shubha,
    Unfortunately I have never tried making the masala at home.. let me look and see if i can.. will post it as soon as I try any version.

  11. i love dabeli.u have got good collection of recipes.. i like ur blog


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