Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Festivities continue... Making Srikhand and Amrakhand!!

Diwali is over, but we are still continuing the festivities :D !
One all time favourite sweet is srikhand and amrakhand and Diwali was just the ocassion to indulge in my sweet tooth!
I remember in childhood, my parents would bring srikhand for Dussehra, Diwali from a particular place in Dadar west in Mumbai- Samant Loniwale , which always had a heavy rush for 'chakka' ( thick yogurt obtained after draining whey) and srikhand.
They would generously top the srikhand with nuts, saffron and nutmeg powder.. YUM!!
For years we bought store made srikhand, then later just 'chakka' and at home added sugar and desired topping... but the best tasting srikhand was when my Father made it at home from scratch! so now that he is with me for Diwali, we though that this ocassion called for Baba made srikhand and amrakhand because I love it!

Sincce this was my first attempt at making srikhand (with Baba's instructions) I made a small quantity...

4 cups whole milk yogurt (low fat / reduced fat is a strict no-no) I got 'Sadaf' brand from the store here which is so far the best yogurt I found in US !!
1 1/2 cup sugar (more if u have a very sweet tooth)
Few strands saffron
1/4 spn. nutmeg powder
Fine muslin cloth ( a big handkerchief will work just as well)
Bit of string

In a plate lay the hanky and put the yogurt in it, like so.....

Draw up the edges of the cloth/ hanky and let the whey drip...
Secure the yogurt in the hanky with a bit of string like a 'potli'...

Hang the 'potli' and let it drip for nearly 4-5 hoursor until the whey is FULLY drained.
Remove the yogurt (chakka) from the hanky, add sugar and churn with your hand (so as to remove any chunky bits of yogurt) to make it smooth.
Add nutmeg powder and mix well. Heat a couple of spoons of milk add saffron so that you get a lovely colour and flavour. Add this to the yogurt. Garnish with chopped nuts (almonds, pistachios ) if you want.

To make Amrakhand, Add sugar and mango pulp to the yogurt, mix well and serve with puri / fulka.

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  1. This looks sooo good! I love Shrikhand with Puris...a perfect combo!


  2. Delicious! I have to try this now...looks so yummy.

  3. Manasi

    I love srikand, we always make it from from scratch as your father did, which does not require a great deal of effort. like you mention, need full fat milk is the key and a good knack of making yogurt, rest is a breeeeeze.



  4. Hello Manasi,

    came over here from Praveena's blog.I had puri shrikhand for the first time at one of my gujrati friend's place.I like the combination.Will try this home made version soon.

  5. Hi Trupti, Hamara khayal milte julte hain!
    Hi Mystic, Tastes goos, so they tell me! Let me know if u try it!
    Hi Dilip, U said it! Good thick , creamy yogurt!
    Hi Vini, Thanx for stopping by! Do try making it at home, its simple and remember the trick, getting good yogurt!

  6. This is the best recipe and picture so far I have seen of srikhandh. Thank you. CAn post recipes for patra??

  7. Thi sis the best recipe and picture so far I have seen for srikhandh and amarkhand.
    Thank you.

  8. HI Anon., Thank u so much!! I will surely try to post patra recipe.. but that is as soon as I land my hands on the leaves!

  9. Wow!!! nowhere did I find such a detailed recipe and that too with a bonus (the pics :)


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