Wednesday, December 27, 2006

JFI - Coconut : NARAL WADI

Now for those who are new to the blogger world, or let's say new to my blog (or any food blog for that matter) there is this monthly event called JFI. Whassat you say? oh okay! Read all about it here !! So now you can well imagine how all, we food / cooking lovers ,wait to cook something for this event every month! The best part is when someone else ( a non-blogger) gets interested in it and decides to participate!

This month, Ashwini of Food for Thought is the hostess and her ingredient is Coconut (Cocos nucifera). You see what a devilishly clever choice this is? That's right, used in sweets, savoury items, as garnish... Coconut water, remember all those hot summer days, when this has quenched your thirst? Or those strolls on sandy beaches, hand in hand, 'ek narial, do straw dena bhaiya'( one coconut with 2 straws), watching the blazing sun sink under the waves.....

OR, Think of all those times when your teacher or parent murmured " Oh God, your head is like a coconut! impossible to get anything into it!"

Or, zip back to an old, old television ad jingle.... "ek narial ped se tuta, gir ke hi woh beech se toota.....sek tap se use pakaya, khub kurkura use banaya, Brittania Coconut Crunchy"..

Right, you get the idea!! Hmmm, cut to my statement.... when non bloggers take an far my parents have only been reading my posts, giving me their opinion. But this time my Mother has gone that 'one' step further and made something for JFI!! I am to post it ofcourse, but the recipe, procedure and photography is all her work!
Here is what she has to say about making 'Naral Wadi'

1 measure shredded coconut
1 measure milk or half measure condensed milk (I have used plain milk)
1 1/4 measure sugar ( if you are using condensed milk use less sugar)
Cardamom powder,
Saffron srtands ,
1/2 spoon ghee

Add coconut, milk, saffron (optional) and sugar in a thick bottom kadhai and cook it on medium heat. Stir it continously and also cover the sides of the utensil to avoid burning. Stir it till it forms a lump and slightly dry from the sides. The consistency is imporatnt. Remove from fire. Add cardamom powder. Apply ghee to a plate. Pour the coconut fudge on the plate and flatten the surface with wet hand or a rolling pin (Apply ghee to the rolling pin).Make diamond shape wadis when it is hot. Let it cool down.It will come out unstuck from the plate easily when cooled down.

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  1. Haha..nice write up, extra laughter points for "OR, Think of all those times when your teacher or parent murmured " Oh God, your head is like a coconut! impossible to get anything into it!" "
    I guess I am still somewhere between a non-blogger and a blogger; I am a 'new' blogger( have added you to my blogroll - hope that's okay.
    Naral Wadi is such a classic, a league of its own. Thanks for sharing your Mom's version!
    - Roopa

  2. I love reading your posts girl...they make me smile! Love that " ek nariyal..ped se..."
    Your Nariyal Wadi looks great...and what a perfect entry for JFI!

    Hope you're enjoying the holidays.


  3. Very nice write up, first time to your blog and liked it so much
    Also the Britannia jingle, how do you remember it , now that you said it comes back :)
    Thanks to your Mom for the great entry to JFI

  4. Hilarious write up and delicious entry Manasi. Thanks so much for participating in JFI. Cheers & Happy holidays

  5. My goodness!!!! you remember the entire jingle!!!! LOL !!!!! Lovely post and a great recipe as well :)

  6. MAnsi:
    Just loved your post. Man nariyal pani , i miss it so much here i Us. Everytime i come to india i have loads of them , i even like the white cream after drinking the water... your write up was so good indeed. I am adding your link so i dont miss any such articles from now on. Hope you dont mind
    Thanx a bunch

  7. Manasi,
    Thats so nice of your mom to make the dish and pass on to you for blogging. Really encouraging!

  8. Hi Roopa, Thank U, thank U!!! And Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! All the best to u!

    Trupti!!! Thank u dear! Love ur posts too... and i made enchiladas, after consulting ur recipe.. they r too good!

    Hi Sandeepa, Thank u so much! As a child i used to like that ad (and the biscuits too!) :D.. guess that's why i do remember..

    Hi Ashwini! Thanx dear... I may have another entry coming up.. hope u will accept it!!

    Hi Rooma! hehehe! I do remember the jingle and the ad, with Satish shah in it getting bonked on the head with the narial!

    Hi Seema,I miss narial pani too, somehow it does not taste so good here (or is that my fancy). Thanx for visitig dear!

    HiLakshmiammal, Thank u.. I hope mom is reading all these comments! she will luv it!

  9. Hi Manasi,

    Wonderful post!! Great recipe and what a funwrite-up :-) I almost sang along!

  10. ek nariyal pedh se tootha..funny.I lobed the way you took us all on a trip to those days of doordarshans ads.
    I am a first time visitor.came here thru ashwini's blog.
    Heres a link to age old DD commercials..Enjoy!!

  11. Wow, you remember the entire Britannia jingle.:) The narial wadi looks great. Hope your year is off to a good start :)

  12. Hi Smita,hehe! that was a catchy jingle! Thanx for visiting!

    Hi Jasmine! Thanx for the link! Keep visiting!

    Hi Mandira! Thank u so much! Hope ur year is good too!

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    Continue the excellent work!


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