Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The 3 things..............

Dilipbhai... Thank U!!! I was thrilled to get tagged for this Meme! 3 things.... to give you a peek into my little world. I really had fun doing this... thinking about what scares me, makes me laugh, makes me go ~grrrrrrrr~..... yes all in all great fun!

3 Things that scare me
Bat Ghost stories/ movies Ghost
BatCreepy Roachcrawley Wormthings (eeewwww too!Lizard) Ladybug 3
BatInjections Screamer Fainting

3 people who make me laugh

Lol My Father- he has this uncanny knack to tell the funniest anecdotes! ROTFL
Lol Old photographs, with me and my cousins with smug smiles, plastered hair, frilly dresses chosen by parents(the 'in' thing then!!!)(I know this is not 'people' people..... but those pics are the BEST)
LolP.G.Wodehouse Reading 2

3 Things I love
Blow Kiss M (pampering me) Big Hug Raining Hearts

Blow KissSpending time with my Dad Daughter & Father

Blow KissGrandma's wrinkled hand holding mine Grandma

3 Things I hate

Baring Teeth Cheating No No No

Baring TeethOld people struggling and living on their own Granny

Baring TeethDestruction (War, Riots, Fights) Automatic Weapon Dove Hippie 2Recoil

3 Things I don't understand

Perplexed Math ( 1 +1 = errr.... 11?) 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week Your (or My) Two Cents Worth Insane

PerplexedLove Circle Of Hearts

Perplexed ESP Yoga

3 Things on my desk:

ClockMy laptop Techy

ClockCamera Camera 3

ClockA novel I am reading Reading

3 Things I am doing right now

DumbLooking longingly at a box of Candies M got me Chocolate Valentine

DumbSniffing (have a bit of a cold)Sneezy

DumbLooking around the apartment and thinking... Perturbed gosh, how does it get SO messed up?

(and obviously typing this meme!) Computer

3 Things I want to do before I die

Bow Down Shed a good amount of weight Sit Up Jumping Rope

Bow DownHave kids Mommy & Baby

Bow DownMake my family proud of me Clapping Hands

Bow DownA world tripWeight Of The World Airplane

( I have 4 things on this list, the first thing is Fairy ... well, if wishes were horses.....)

3 Things I can do

Thumbs Up Find time to dream... day dream.. A-ha!

Thumbs UpCook Chef 2

Thumbs UpNever give up Torch

3 Things one should listen to

Secret A Prayer, chanting early in the morning

Secret A baby going 'goo-googaaaa , abbbaaa kaa, phrrrrrr' Baby Smiley

Secret Your heart (Helen Keller was right, The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt within the heart) Rotating Heart

3 Things I would never want to listen to

Thumbs Down A child in pain Cry Baby (which does not mean I will shut my ears to it)

Thumbs DownGhost stories (brrrrrrr....) Skull

Thumbs DownAdvice on how to lose weight (it doesn't work with me... God, you listening ? just work a miracle for me!! ) Magic Wand

3 Favourite foods

Chocolate Street Food (chat, wada pav, frankie, dabeli, pizza..... ooohhh.......) Eating Pizza

ChocolateIndian cuisine India

Chocolate SWEETS Chompy

3 beverages I drink regularly

MartiniWater Drink Drink Drink Drink Drink Drink Drink

MartiniTeaSipping Tea

MartiniTea, tea, tea, tea!!!!

3 TV shows/books I watched/read as a kid

Books All Enid Blyton books (Still LOVE them)

BooksRamayan & Mahabharat (Book as well as the TV Serial)

BooksGiant Robot

3 Blogger Friends I want to Tag:

Shilpa Pin It


  1. Oh Manasi! This is the cutest and funniest thing I have read in a while. You made my day! Thanks for tagging me but after reading your answers, I really doubt I can do justice to this meme.

  2. Manasi,it's hilarious!:D Where do you get these animation/!

    Loved reading and looking at them.I wanted my grandma to be my mom actually!:D

  3. I loved reading this! You seem like a down to earth person...and that's why I always look forward to reading new posts from you...all the best with your wishes..may they all come true.


  4. Hi Manasi,

    Its was very interesting and fun too reading your Meme....with pictures...

    Good job...

  5. What a nice meme! Where can I find all the smileys and other pix that you've used?

  6. Manasi!!!!! I have never read a post like this!!!!!! You sure knwo how to make people laugh hahahaha !!!!!! I was great knowing about you dear :)


  7. I was laughing out loud reading your meme! Thanks for tagging me, Manasi! I will try to give it a shot
    - Roopa

  8. Manasi, what funny emoticons! Very interesting! Good write up as usual. Very nice and enjoyed reading it. Viji

  9. Mansi, loved to read your meme. Looks like you are scared of ghosts as i am and god, old photos make me laugh too Mansi. Loved all the animations. How did u manage to get apt animations.

  10. Hi Nupur, Thank u very much! I'm sure u will do better! u have a great style !

    Hi Asha, Thanx! I get these emoticons from smiley central !

    Hi Trupti, Thank u for ur kind words! Like calls to like! I'm sure u r a warm hearted and down to earth person too!

    Hi Usha,Thank u!

    Hi Sra, Thank u! u can get the emoticons from smiley central, but please be careful, I had a lot of problem with popups and other irritating factors.

    Hi Rooma, Thank u so much! I adore ur work too and add to this u r an artist! Now that's what I call being Gifted!

    Hi Roopa, Thanx... and pl do write this meme, it will be nice knowing more about u!

    Hi Viji, Thank u so much!

    Hi Seema, When u really sit and think, old snaps, old memories... it is so much fun! I & my cousins have enjoyed many an afternoon like this!

  11. Hey,
    This was so cute. I could relate to most of the things you have written here. And the pics are so hilarious:-)

  12. Mansi,

    I cann't see those pics on my IE browser, i badly want to see them, is there any settings i should do? Thank in advance for the help


  13. Hi Swapna, Thank u very much!

    Hi Shobha,I have downloaded the smileys from smiley central.... ummm, do u have any settings that are blocking the smileys? maybe that is the reason...otherwise they shud be visible as it is on my blogpage. I use mozilla firefox & IE, and can see them in both.


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