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WBB #8


As tradition would go, I make something totally Indian for breakfast... oh yes, the usual, poha... upma.... dosa... well, you know how it is! These are items I have had since my childhood (as much as many of you) infact I was, to tell you the truth, rather ignorant about anything else till the time I got hooked to Enid Blyton's books... all those Famous Five, Five Find-outers and Dog.... food (mainly picnic food, however) was mentioned at regular intervals... and I oftened wondered what this ham and eggs or bacon and tomatoes was all about... until my Father enlightened me, after that I stopped wondering and just read (being the vegetarian that I am)...

Anyway... the story now moves on to pancakes.... saw those being flipped smartly by 'VICI' a small girl, well, absolutely life-like robot in a TV serial 'Small Wonder' and again wondered what this is (definitely vegetarian... this time).. and of course liked the way her father and brother rubbed their hands in anticipation of those golden brown pancakes (until Viki, neatly flipped a few on her Father's head) !
My first bite of these, however was far less TV serial like atmosphere! M and I had gone out one morning (early) to hand in some application ... it was early in the A.M , I still recollect that day... we had not purchased our car then and had to depend on the public transport... I was groggily stumbling towards the bus stop looking longingly at the seat.... willing myself to say awake till I could flop down and zzzzzzz...... oh well.... that is what will happen when one watches 2 movies (back to back) the previous night!! There I go, rambling again... now what was I saying?... aaah.. pancakes, how they fit into the picture..... oh yes... M took me to iHop on that sleepy morning for breakfast after finishing my work!
The inviting plate of pancakes drove away my sleep... ooohhh... these look good! different types of syrup.....So without further ado we both tucked in heartily! slurp!
That was my first timer at an American / Western breakfast, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So when Nandita announced WBB #8, I thought of this.... with only one twist.... I did not make the pancakes from scratch, I got Aunt Jemima to help me.. oh I do hope Nandita will accept my entry!

This is real easy guys! All u need to do is get a packet of Pancake mix (I had the buttermilk Pancake mix) and a bottle of syrup from your nearby store.
To make around 5 pancakes (saucer size)
Mix 1 cup of Pancake mix with 3/4 cup of water.
Mix well, making sure there are no lumps. Be careful not to beat too much, makes the pancakes tough...
Heat a skillet (the instructions are, shake a few drops of water on skillet, they should sizzle and disappear).
Drop a ladle of batter on the skillet and shape, keep it fluffy though.
Bubbles appear on the top, flip, cook on the other side.
Serve hot with syrup....
(Got this info from the Internet ( : Top pancakes with toasted pecan halves, sliced bananas or berries, a cup of whipped cream flavored with 1 tbsp of maple syrup, or 1/2 cup of sour cream with 1 tbsp of jam or preserve)

I could not get the syrup to fall as it did in the picture on the carton :( but the colour of the pancakes is the same!!! :D

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  1. Enjoyed reading your usual,Manasi. I Loved the Famous Five books when I was growing up....sadly, I can't find them here for my kids...and "Small wonder" was such a cute show, wasn't it??
    I love Pancakes....and IHOP is a great place to try a variety of them. You know,I even make Pancakes for dinner, when its just's so filling! Have you tried the Butter flavored Pancake syrup, it is so yummy!
    Great entry for WBB... Sorry this is such a long message.


  2. Pancakes and Hash Browns are our Sunday breakfast every week!We love them.Enjoy.Looks grat with apples:)

  3. The pancakes look delicious! When I first made pancakes, I used "Jemima's" mix too....and later found that pancakes are just as easy to make from scratch (flour, baking powder, salt, butter/oil, egg optional)...and pancakes made from scratch tasted so much better than the boxed version.
    I still prefer Indian breakfasts though :)

  4. Mansi, Loved your post dear.Famous Five was one of my fav books too and god my mouth used to water everytime i read about their picknic snaps, the beaches oh good old memories arn't they. IHOP was the first place where I triend my first pancakes too and I fell in love with them the very first time.Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful thoughts.

  5. I wish i could just pick up that plate from your page..... they look tempting!!!!!!

  6. hi manasi,
    wishing u a very happy new year...
    loved reding ur post...

  7. Great looking pancakes...nice breakfast. Thanks for putting it on your blog.


  8. The pancakes looks delicious, thanks for sharing.

  9. Hmm looks great mansi.Would love to try them i had made it in a differnt way.Thanks for this.

  10. First time here... like your blog & recipes a lot. Great job!
    In your profile you say" I don't like this cooking or that cooking......" Good one :-)Is it your own or from some place else?
    I enjoyed reading your post .

  11. Hey Trupti! I havent seen too many English authors in our library too (but lucky to hv found'mary poppins' and 'dr. dolittle' series in books!!)
    Shall definately try the Butter flavored Pancake syrup as u suggest!
    As for ur messages.. they make me happy! I look fwd to ur heart warming and cheerful words! Thanx for being such a wonderful blogger Pal!~HUG~

    Hi Asha, hash browns.... must try! Thanx!

    Hey Nupur, Once i finish this box of pancake mix, i am going to make it all from scratch! but yes, i too love Indian b'fast (upma, pohe, sabuddana khichadi, idli, dosa... .. i'm drooling now!)
    Hi Seema... another Enid Blyton fan! U have taste lady! :D

    Hey Coffee! Wish i could give u this plate with the warm pancakes.... !

    Hi Supriya, Thanx.. and how are u 'njoying ur stay in India?

    Hi Nidhi! Thank u!

    Hi Mandira, Thank u ! keep visiting!

    Hi Dr. Bhat.. wot's ur recipe? do share it on ur blog... anything new / variation is nice to try out!

    Hi Anon., Thanx for ur visit and kind words... the quote is (unfortunately) not mine, but it was something so much after my heart, that I included it! the source.... internet ofcourse... just googled it! Keep visiting!

  12. Hi mansi,
    I have been visiting ur blog but hv not really wrote anything to u...First time when i visited ur blog ,i feel in love with it and then bookmarked it and keep visiting ur blog off and on..I like this post of urs regarding pancakes..Even i was a big fan of famous five books and nancy drew and could never relate to all those things written in the book till i came to the US..Yes had my first good american pancake breakfast in santa barbara where there is danish town,forget the name of that place and loved it...

    Now I am in India ,so the breakfast is the usual poha,dosa ,idli etc..Have not really browsed around to see if u get the ready-mix pancake here..Will try to get it one of these days...

    Sorry for the long post..

    Keep adding more recipes,love all ur post

  13. Hi Anu, Thank U so much for ur wonderful and encouraging comment!! The DAnish town u mention. is that Solvang, by any chance? I have been there too! Quaint place!!! As for the pancake mix, that can be made at home too! just google the recipe!!

  14. yes solvang it is....Will check out for pancake recipes and see if my daughter also likes it or not



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