Monday, May 07, 2007


Yep, changed it again... and will modify it a bit more!! I loved the old template... the one with the bright, inviting looking kitchen... but........ it was the old style and difficult to make swift changes to...

So here I am (why me??)..... struggling once more with the task of making my blog look nice!!! Your suggestions are welcome! Pin It


  1. This one looks neat and cool. Good job!

  2. sigh! sigh!!! the old one was truly unique.

  3. Manasi, The old one was unique and YOU. That white kitchen reminded Manasi :) but this one seems to have more space. The other one took lot of space for the picture.

    Why not add a unique picture to header?

  4. If I may say so, the header picture looks too busy, it is a lovely colourful pic so probably you could use it just once (instead of repeating) in a corner and put your blog name there too :)
    just a little feedback!

  5. ahh..don't worry, if you want, you can use the Denim Stretch template....much neater and easy to work with..but this also looks good!

  6. Sigh! I go through this too..I can't set my mind onto one template for my blog.

  7. i really liked the old one with white kitchen manasi. it was very unique.

  8. I really wish you could add an easy to navigate recipe index. This is a sincere request from your ardent admirer !
    I wish it could be easy to find them, now I have to go through all the archives.

    Sorry to be a bother but I love your recipes so much !

  9. First things r as pretty as ur name :). Noticed that most of the views are leaning towards your old template. I'll be back.

  10. Thanx Swapna!!

    Sigh !! Bee... but this one is easier to manage!!

    I know Reena , I still love that template.. but this is making my life easier!(~sigh~)

    Thanx Coffee!

    Hi Nandita.. That is what I am gonna do! Thanx Dear!!

    Thanx Smita!!

    Hi Supriya.. I know..I know!!! :(

    Hi Anon. .. Thanx for waking me up! I was dilly dallying with that!! Check it out now!! And Thanx a ton for ur kind words!!

  11. Thanks a lot for putting in the recipe index! Now your blog is perfect!

  12. Hi Anon., Thank u So much!! ur kind words are an encouragement!!

  13. mansi, nice blog, btw i never took the IES exams, I am from baroda, if you wann get in touch with me, you can IM me on my yahoo my id is patelville


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