Sunday, May 20, 2007

Monthly Blog Patrol....For SWEETS!!!!!!!!

Coffee!!! I love u Gal... no matter what anyone says!! You picked a theme real close to my heart...
I know all about expanding waistlines ... nevertheless, hope springs eternal in my heart, that one day, if I keep wishing hard, I will get my wish of becoming slim-n-trim, being able to east whatever I please and not gain an ounce!!! Till such time... eat, drink and be merry... for tomorrow we may diet!

Well, it's today now and right now... I have sweets on mind , for Coffee's MBP..
Patrolling Blogs gave me tioo many options, ALL of which I obviously wanted to try, but limited myself to the ones I am blogging about now (reason, M was going bonkers!! and I largely relied on the ingredients I had at home)

I tried Yummmmmmmmmmm Ali... I mean Umm Ali!!! from Aroma.. Asha sure whipped up a *wicked* dessert!!!! I tried it with Phyllo dough, but maybe puff pastry will be a better choice, for next time!! I forgot to take a nice picture of it in a decorative plate.. too eager to eat!!!
BTW,Asha, if you are reading this.... just a query, why did my Umm Ali turn a tad soggy? Phyllo, do u suppose?
And I made Banana Nut cake Adapting it from Swapna of Swad of India

Both these recipes were AWESOME!!! I know I am going to gain weight... but that is for later, as of now.... I'm Lovin' it!!!

Thank U Coffee for this sweet choice! What's next?

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  1. Ahhhh...!!! Yum Ali looks great but DO NOT remind me.I am baking Choc.chip cookies for my kid's school right now!!DO NOT NEED this;D
    They do use Phyllo for this too but I prefer Puff pastry. Yes,it gets a little soggy bcos Phyllo is thin and doesn't absorb extra liquid like Puff pastry does.Try puff next time and when Phyllo is used, cut back the liquid a little.Wasn't that dessert divine? I loved it.Both look perfect,enjoy:))

  2. Manasi,
    When I saw the theme for MBP, I thot of u..I know how much u *love* sweets..This dessert from Asha's blog looks mouthwatering..Thanks for trying out something from my blog:)

  3. Great choice! i too wated to try the ummali may be next time...

  4. Great choice! i too wated to try the ummali may be next time...

  5. Awesome Girl!!!!! I love your spirit!!! Eat and be merry... dieting from tomorrow ;)

    Lovely looking dessert! I made umm ali as well! and I licked till the last drop..... thanks a ton Asha!

    And thanks to you dear for the lovely entries! :)

  6. Nice recipes!!
    I never made Yum Ali but after seeing yours and asha!! i think its time for me to give it a go!!

  7. never heard of it but looks yum

  8. heheheh...Manasi!! You go girl...I hope your wishes come true!

    Both Look great!


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