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Fresh Strawberry Scones

I blame Enid Blyton for many (mis)adventures in my childhood. It was like I was under a spell! I devoured all her works I could lay my hands on. If I did not get a new one, I'd pick up an old one which I had read and re-read it and enjoy it as if I had never read it. I'd dream of having a secret club or become a famous detective (find-outer) and unearth several criminal activities or find fabulous treasures buried by smugglers or pirates in some underground passage. To my everlasting disappointment, every corner, where I imagined a secret passage would begin (and dug with fervor for many long afternoons) turned out to be nothing but solid earth and messy as heck too!  

I longed for sunny meadows where I and my cousins could picnic under the shade of a tree. I knew 'exactly' what I wanted in my picnic hamper, sandwiches, cake, lemonade or gingerpop and some fruit. That is what Mothers in Enid Blyton's books always packed, of course there was ham and eggs which was useless in my case, even then I stuck to a vegetarian picnic hamper in my imagination.

I had a desperate longing for a dog, one I'd take on adventures and who would guard me like Timmy, I made vain attempts to bring home strays ( Timmy was a mongrel, you see) and my Mother had regular attacks of hysteria.
It was pure routine, I'd come home with a dirty pup, she'd scream, throw me out of the house, I'd scream, the pup would howl, my Father would come home to find the entire building in uproar, he'd lodge the pup somewhere safe from my mother and I, take me home straight in the bathroom for a hot water and dettol bath, calm my mom and then heave a sigh. Few minutes of peace before a new scene unfolded!

I wanted to go off on holidays with just cousins to a seaside cottage where we would have an exciting time. The only island I ever went to however was Madh island and that was not exactly like and 'Enid Blyton island' and we (cousins) were never allowed to go alone, we were not trusted further than  the elders could see us.

Later, I started hoping to find a small fairy who would, one night, be lost and sitting on my window sill and I'd help her and she'd take me to fairyland and I'd get to meet the beautiful Fairy Queen and  gnomes and pixies and other magical creatures and  the queen would give me a wand / magical gift. sigh!

I finally settled down to  my own detective agency idea and got busy with that, I was the head detective and my Father my assistant. I found an old Math note book which in my opinion, was  useless and was perfect for making 'visiting cards' ( using the front and back paperback cover). We never solved any case but had many interesting discussions  about it nevertheless.

Enid Blyton made food sound yummy, the children in her adventures were always having interesting teas, I wanted interesting teas, like  warm bread, butter with fresh jam - yes! she made even that sound yummy, macaroons, cake ( ginger cake sounded yummy) or perhaps warm scones with butter.

When I borrowed The Big Book of Bread I wanted to make scones, to fulfill a wish that took root many, many years ago.
My only problem was, I was not sure how it would turn out. You see I had never seen or tasted a scone. I did a quick image search and then got down to baking.
Once done I also posted this picture on Facebook and a few of my friends confirmed that this was indeed a scone. 

To make 12 scones, you need:

1 1/2 Cup self rising Whole Wheat Flour
1 tsp. Baking Powder
Pinch Salt
1/2 stick butter , diced
2 Tbsp. Refined Sugar
3/4 cup Fresh Strawberries, chopped
approx 1/2 cup Milk, plus extra for glazing

Pre-heat oven to 425 F/ 220 C

Grease or flour a cookie sheet and set it aside.

Put the flour, baking powder and salt in a large bowl and stir to mix. Then lightly rub in the butter, until the mixture resembles  bread crumbs. Then add enough milk  to form a dough ( be careful when adding milk, go slow. DO NOT dump it all in at once)

Turn the dough onto a lightly floured worktop, knead gently, then lightly roll out or pat out until about 3/4 inch thick.
Cut out 12 rounds using a cookie cutter ( I cut it in triangles- I do not have a cookie cutter) Place on the cookie sheet with a little space between each scone. Brush tops with milk to glaze.

Bake for 8-10  minutes or until well risen and golden brown. transfer  to a wire rack to cool.

To serve, split in half, spread with butter and top with strawberry jelly ( or jam, as the British call it) or whipped cream or creme fraiche. serve warm or cold.

* Notes: I will add some more sugar the next time I make scones, these were bland, maybe that is how it should be, but I'd like mine with a bit more sugar, please! 
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  1. Scones look so tasty and delicious. Wonderful preparation.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  2. Looks very tempting, me too an ardent fan of Enid Blyton, enjoyed ur write-up thoroughly.

  3. Woww.. looks super perfect and tempting.. awesome preparation :)
    Indian Cuisine

  4. These really look delicious. This is mt first visit to your blog, so I took some time to browse through your earlier posts. I'm so glad I did that. I really like the food and recipes you share with your readers. I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...MAry

  5. My fav among the different kinds ~ few of those with some chocolate milk n I am all set :)

  6. lovely looking scones and without eggs that too..................thanks...............btw, can you please tell if its 1.5 cup of flour?

  7. Thank U, everyone!
    @ Madhuri Srinivasan: oops! corrected :) thanx!

  8. hey manasi....First time on your blog...Scones looks absolutely delicious...happy to join you dear...Do visit me at

  9. Lovely write-up ,scone with berries sounds great. Should be great with butter :)

  10. Enid Blyton certainly made growing up a lot of fun in India-- and yes, the food was always one of the biggest draws of the book. I loved how the dogs nibbled the edges of the biscuits for the humans they loved. :)
    The scones look lovely.

  11. YUMMY.. Will try making these with the strawberry preserve, I made..hopefully should be fine.

  12. Your scones look really good, thanks for sharing, look forward to trying.

  13. yummy and tempting .... lovely clicks too manasi .......

  14. lovely scones..yummy too..
    First time to your space,neat space :-)
    visit my space when time permits,
    Erivum Puliyum

  15. Yummy scones Manasi! First time here. Lovely space!

  16. Those scones are beautiful! I've never tried that version, but I'm sure I'd love it.




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