Thursday, December 05, 2013

Life happens.....

.... just because I cannot use s*** happens, in the title. After all, this is a food blog.
But this is also the space where I laugh, smile, reminisce, thank, whine, rant... you get the drift.

So things were going well, when I last posted, I finally began to believe that bad times were behind me. I was just relaxing into that mindset when, of course, fate has to go and blow the whole thing up in my face.

The first thing that happened was, I started slowing down, specially in the mornings. I would wake up to the alarm and start planning on my day in my head, but the moment I tried to stand up I felt shooting pain in my heel.
This was something that had started when I was visiting India, I had no time to think or do anything about it then. When I came back, I just ignored it, as usual. The thing with pain (and when it impairs mobility) is, you have to sit up (or down, in this case) and take notice.
Turns out I have Plantar Fasciitis
All my plans for a Thanksgiving Dinner with special friends is now postponed until further notice.
It sucks.

Just when I  thought medicines and a bit of care would settle that.... then I go ahead and suffer another set back.
On the day of my last post, we had a break-in, in our apartment and my Nikon DSLR was stolen.
It was a big shock for me and fair broke my heart.

This sucked even more.

Still does

Much as I'd like to forgive, I cannot and have (and still do, when I look at the place I kept my camera kit) roundly cursed the wretched thief (you know, the Hindi filmy drama types (polite version here), "main tujhe shraap/ shaap deti hoon, papi, bhrasta duratma, tu insaan kehlane ke layak nahi...chor, daku, goonda-mavali.. types. )

The whole process of research and evaluation and reviews and all that has to be gone through again, but this time, there is a bit of hesitancy. I am.... not ready. But I do want a camera.
I feel horrible, when I see my son sitting with a particular look on his handsome face and the fact that I cannot capture every detail of it, as  a memory, when I am old. My blog feels lost without it. I know I do not blog regularly, but I still need a good camera.
I do.

So for the time being, I will try and post recipes and take terrible pictures with my iPhone. 
I am also  trawling the blogosphere for recipes to try out. And that is why I love Pinterest. People everywhere are doing everything possible. My favorite section is the food and drink section, of course. I pin recipes, some that I want to try immediately and some in the near future and then some, I may or may not try, but boy! they look (and read) good. For example, a few weeks ago, I had a Soup, Salad and Sandwich lunch and made my favorite Tomato Soup
The recipe is fairly simple,
Blanch 5 Roma Tomatoes in boiling water, peel and puree ( I also sieve them to get rid of the seeds)
Chop 1/2 Onion
Peel and chop 1 Carrot ( I place the chopped carrot in a microwave safe bowl, add 3-4 Tbsp water and microwave for 2 mins. - till tender)
In a  deep saucepan, heat Oil ( I used Olive, but sometimes I just use Canola or even butter) and saute the chopped onion.
Once the onion is translucent, add the cooked carrots and stir them around for a while, add the tomato puree and about 2 cups of water ( I just use the regular coffee cups, not the real measuring cup) and add / crumble 1 Veg. bullion cube. Let it all boil. I use my immersion blender at his stage to puree everything to a smooth consistency.
Add 2 tbsp. sugar, salt to taste and dried Oregano and reduce the heat to medium and let the soup come to a boil.
Lower the heat and add about 3/4 cup milk while stirring and cook for a few mins longer (use 1/2 cup heavy cream, if you are not calorie conscious)
Serve hot with or without croutons and a dash of black pepper.

- Black pepper can be added  while cooking as well (with the oregano) unless you prefer it mild.
-If you have vegetable stock on hand, please use that instead of water ( or the veg. bullion cube).

For the salad, I adapted the recipe from here,and just adjusted the amount of peanut butter ( I get migraine with PB,but I still indulge, once in a few months). The salad is all that it looks, good and filling and packs in a good amount of protein and vegetables and makes it all so enjoyable. I am a recent convert to salads and am enjoying  different versions that can be made and thankful that it's not just lettuce (not that I dislike lettuce, but it gets boring after a bit). I have been toying with the idea of substituting almond butter for peanut butter so I can make this more often.      

Vegan and Gluten free salad full of protein

For the sandwich part, I took the small liberty of calling a burger a sandwich. I found this burger patty recipe. Thyme is a new addition to my pantry, thanks to this wonderful recipe. The patties freeze well and can be re-heated and used when you want a quick, but filling and nutritious meal. 
I made these on my cast iron pan, which heats up quickly and brown the patties well with a crispy cover, just how I like it.
But now, I have a new grill and I am looking forward to making my burger patties (and more) on this.

I am looking at replicating the Panera Bread Panini which has sun dried Tomato Pesto and tomato and mozzarella cheese, oh yum!

Do you  have a grill? Please do share your ideas and suggestions in the comments section.

I'll see you all soon, hopefully with cheerful news and some yummy recipes and food adventures to share.
Till then, take care and stay warm!

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  1. Omg.... Feel really bad to know about the things... U know I too gave heel pain when I woke up and start to walk... First thought it is coz of weight gain.. I also need to see a doctor...

    1. I thought it was te same reason, but it all did not add up, on my recent trip to India, I walked a lot and fast. That was when it started, plus I'd walk barefoot indoors- that just makes it worse.
      Do go to see your family Dr. and get it checked. This pain is so immobilizing. Good luck.

  2. Ohh you poor darling !! So many things happening at the same time, hope you will get through it quicker than you realised. And how brave of you, I cant imagine a life without my camera now,

    Take care, and get back with a bang ! :)

    1. Thank you Nupur (UK-Rasoi). I hope I can come on track soon.

  3. So Sorry to read about your foot and the loss of your camera. I hope you get ample rest and wish you a quick recovery. As for the camera, I know it's heart breaking to lose something you so dearly cherish, especially after a break-in it must be hard to not think about the other valuables at home.

    The soup-salad-sandwich seems like a really nice combo. We are making a lot of soups these days and I see myself making this soon.

    - Priti

    1. Thank you Priti. It has been a difficult few months and I feel like I have disconnected from everywhere. I'll email you soon.

  4. Well, you have every right to rant! It has been one awful thing after another- my best wishes that the coming months bring nothing but good luck.

    1. Thank you, Nupur. I'm done with this drama now. I hope things become normal soon.

  5. Wow.. Pallavi.. so much happened and I was lost. Sorry for your foot and the loss of camera..Stay positive and things will fall in place. This is Life lesson that keep us going strong. Your are stronger than you know girl, The iPhone pics are also good, would not have know if not told about. Tya chorala tuzha shaap nakkich lagla asel... stay cheerful and hugs for you.
    Love Ash.

    1. Thanks Ash, it has been difficult and I just want peace now. I hope things normalize.

  6. Gosh,Pallavi, I am sorry to hear about all your troubles. I am happy to see that despite it you have kept your sense of humor. Here's wishing that all the bad stuff is behind you and it's just good things from now on.

    1. Thank you Vaishali. When such things happen we realize how helpless we are, what else can we do, but look, accept and keep a cheerful face on?
      I hope I can get back on track soon.

  7. Sh*t really does happen. So sorry to hear that it's all going wrong at the same time! Just imagine a 70s retro sadhu doing the Bollywood dialogue and keep the spirits up. I love my grill, it's great for cooking and binding things like tikkis, and patties, but also a convenient alternative to a tandoor/BBQ when it's raining outside. Enjoy!

  8. Ugh that sucks. Hope you are feeling better now. So sorry about camera, was that the only thing stolen? Here also too many robberies going on, it is scary! Be safe and have wonderful holidays

  9. Ugh that sucks. Hope you are feeling better now. So sorry about camera, was that the only thing stolen? Here also too many robberies going on, it is scary! Be safe and have wonderful holidays


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