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Almond Meal Sabudana Khichadi in the Instant Pot

Wishing you all a (belated) Happy new year! I've been away so long, it felt almost odd to break the silent streak. This much loved space was neglected because a few months ago, the laptop I was using broke. Really. I mean the screen cracked. It was usable, but it was just too much of a bother, to connect the laptop to the TV, use the tv screen .. argh! I just let it be.

These days, almost everyone is crazy about the Instant Pot ( Electric Pressure Cooker) and those who have one will sing it's praises. To the extent that people who haven't purchased the IP/ EPC scramble when they spot a deal.
And why not? 
The IP /EPC is very useful and versatile. 
It's a pressure cooker on steroids!

And so, I prefer to use my EPC over the manual pressure cooker. I rely on it quite a lot.
I can program it and walk away, knowing everything will be done perfectly. 
The husband need not count the whistles and switch off the stove ( not that he remembers, in any case. Just a couple of weeks ago, I had to use my old manual pressure cooker as I had the IP fermenting idli batter for me, and despite warning him, the cooker whistled away, the water evaporated, the daal inside was burnt to a charcoal black and the smell! oh dear god! ... and all through this, he sat, on the sofa, fiddling with his phone, unaware. I shudder to think what would have happened if I hadn't come home in time).

It just does SO much! 
Today, I made Sabudana Khichadi in it. I was talking to my mother and did not feel like slaving over the stove, with one hand stirring and the other clutching the cell phone to my ear. 
I also substituted almond meal for peanut powder. It isn't the same but makes a really good substitute.

click to learn how to make sabudana khichadi in an electric pressure cooker or instant pot, IP

Here is a link to my regular stove top sabudana khichadi  with tips and tricks. Over the years, I've had many people tell me that they love khichadi, but are terrified at making it, it always turns out sticky and gluey and ends up in the trash. Do try my tips and trick for every- pearl- separate khichadi,

Here is my Electric Pressure Cooker / Instant Pot (EPC/ IP) version.

Prep :
I usually eyeball the quantity.  But I'll try to be a bit accurate here.

Rinse 2 cups Sabudana pearls under running water. Soak the pearls in water that comes 'just' above the sabudana level. The tops of the sabudana should skim the water.
I usually soak them overnight. This gives me perfectly soaked pearls.

When ready to make khichadi, grind together 2-3 fresh green chilies and 1 heaped teaspoon of Jeera / cumin seeds with a hefty pinch of salt. 

Use about 3/4 cup of almond meal ( I buy this from the store). Mix the almond meal with the sabudana, add some salt to taste and 1 -2 teaspoons of Sugar. Mix it all well.
*Tip: The almond meal quantity can be increased. This will ensure that the sabudana does not become gluey. Look at the sabudana once you add and the almond meal, the pearls should be coated with a thin layer of the powder.

Now, Start your EPC/ IP on Sear / Saute mode.

Add 1 tbsp Oil and top with 2 Tbsp Ghee ( don't skimp, another reason why it turns a gluey mess, too little ghee. And oh! don't skimp the ghee, I add oil first as I find that the oil acts as a layer between the hot pot base and ghee and keeps it from burning.)

As the ghee melts into the oil, add the green chilies and cumin.

Once it sizzles, add the sabudana mixture and mix it all well.

I had a boiled potato on hand, so I just cubed it and tossed it in the mixture. Sprinkle just 1-2 tbsp of water on top and mix.

If you are planning to add raw potato, peel, quarter and make thin triangular slices and add them in after the green chilies. Place any lid that fits over the EPC/ IP top and let them soften and cook. Then add the sabudana.

Cancel the Sear / Saute mode and place the IP lid on. Sealing mode.

Press 'Manual' mode and put it on 1 minute timer.

Once the timer beeps, signalling the end of cooking, release the pressure manually (QPR), VERY CAREFULLY, by turning the 'whistle' knob to 'vent' position.

Once the pin drops and all the pressure subsides, open carefully. With a spatula, gently mix the khichadi together and taste. Add salt / sugar if needed.

Squeeze the juice of half a lime, mix and plate.

Garnish with finely chopped cilantro and fresh shredded coconut (optional)

see how to make sabudana khichadi in your IP


Ideally, a stove top sabudana khichadi  isn't covered when cooking. Neither do we sprinkle water. IF using the old method, skip this.

I always add sugar, I love the spicy and slightly sweet taste.

If you do not want to use fresh shredded coconut as a garnish, you can add some dry shredded coconut into the hot khichadi once its done and mix it in. 

My cousin sister uses red chilies powder instead of fresh green chilies (they give her a horrid tummy ache), so if you do not want to use fresh chilies, add a scant tsp of Kashmiri red chilies powder or a blend of Kashmiri and a hotter powder ( adjust to suit your spice tolerance). This will change the appearance totally, the khichadi will look an angry red! But my cousin tells me, it tastes good too,

You can safely consume this during fasting /vrat/ upvaas. 

Leftover khichadi reheats well in the microwave, sprinkle some water and heat through for a minute at least.
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