Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Kawan Samosa. Baked, Not Fried.

Every now and then, I have this intense samosa craving and it just won't go away! 
I think the Indian grocery store in my neighborhood has samosas on weekends, but I rarely go there on weekends, the store is small and overcrowded. It just isn't worth the trouble. 

That still doesn't solve my problem. I'm still without samosas. 
The craving still won't go away. 
The joy of munching on a samosa is unlike any other. 
It reminds me of movie halls and interval times when I would rush to the concession stand to buy greasy, absolutely lip smacking, piping hot samosas.

I don't feel like buying a pack of frozen samosas, they take up too much space in the freezer. 

So how do I get my samosa fix?  I guess I must make them myself. But, (here I go again), the deep frying? I don't want to do that because samosas need to be fried at low temps and for a long time to get the outer cover that, flaky texture. 

So then, I saw this brilliant hack on a Facebook forum. They used Plain Kawan Parathas to make the cover and baked them. Brilliant or what!?

So of course, I buy a packet of Kawan Parathas and prepare to feast on samosas.

For the filling, I use this recipe. It is simple and tasty. 

We now come to the most important part, making the samosa.

**Please note, I am making no claims that this is a healthier version or any such nonsense. This is a calorie rich recipe. If you are on a diet, this isn't for you. 

If you are still reading this, i must urge you to head tot he nearest Indian grocery store and buy a packet of Kawan Plain Paratha or if you have them in your freezer, pull them out and set them on the counter to thaw while you read this.

Preheat the oven to 350F
Prep the tray you want to use. I used my old tray and lined it with parchment paper. 
The thawed parathas can be very sticky, so be careful as you work. 
I used the parathas when they were just the tiniest bit hard ( the heat from your hand as you fold them will make them soft).
Place a paratha (with the plastic backing) on a smooth surface ( counter top / rolling board) . 
using a pizza cutter or a knife ( your choice. I found the pizza wheel easy to use) 
You will get two semi circles. 
Follow the pictures to make a 'cone' 
Fold the straight edges towards the middle of the round part. 

Press the ends to seal ( leaving the broad part open). Scoop the stuffing into the cone.

Now seal the samosa by bringing the sides together and form a triangle.

Similarly, make all the samosas and place them on the baking tray. 

Bake for about 15 mins till the samosas are golden brown. Oven temperatures vary and so, keep an eye on the tray at the 15th. minute. If the color isn't perfect, bake for another 2-3 minutes, 
Remove from the oven and place on a cooling rack for a couple of minutes ( the stuffing will be VERY hot )  or serve immediately with chutneys of your choice or ketchup.

- These samosas are best served hot
- You need not make a cone and stuff the potato mixture in it. It can get fiddly. Just fold the semi-circle into a triangle and seal the edges. 
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  1. That looks delicious and easy enough! I make fake samosas with frozen puff pastry.


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