Sunday, December 17, 2006

Indian 'Burger' !! Garma garam batata wada !!!

When my friend S said she wanted to eat Batata Wada... the popular Mumbai street food snack.. I was more than happy to make it! I was loathe to make it for myself (the guilt is overwhelming!).
Having spent all my teenage years and a large part of my BSchool days 'surviving' on Wada Pav and cutting chai... I miss eating this item and that too on the streets!
Almost every street in Mumbai has a 'thela'(cart) which sells wada-pav. But there are some vendors who are particularly famous! I remember particularly one which is very famous, one the way from Mumbai to Pune, via train, there is a station Karjat, which has 'the best' wada pav ! That was one reason why I liked travelling to Pune in a train (which is otherwise accessible by road and a faster route!) ! The other I particularly recall is during my first year at college, my friends and I had travelled to an area in Mumbai, Lalbagh, where there was a guy who called himself 'Graduate Wada pav walla'... when there was a dearth of jobs, he decided to sell wadapav to make his living and was he GOOD at it!
Going back to B School days.... my best friend and I would sit for hours in the college canteen and our breakfast, lunch & tea would be the wada pav and cutting chai served by Mama (the canteen owner). We were like permanent fixtures there and after a few days there was no need to go and place an order... upon sighting us, he would automatically call for 'garam wada ani cutting' aahhhh.. how I miss those days!

For the Wadas you need:

4 Boiled Potatoes
1 tbsp. Oil for tempering
1/2 spn. Mustard seeds
4 Green chilies chopped ( +/ - according to individual taste)
A few curry leaves
1/2 spn. Turmeric
3 cloves garlic finely chopped
1/2/ spn. ginger grated
Salte to taste
1-2 spns. finely chopped Cilantro
ForCovering :
2 Pinch Turmeric
1/2 spn. red chilly pwd.
Salt (only so much that the covering does not taste bland)
1/4 spn baking soda
water to make a batter

Mash the boiled potatoes.. or chop them..your wish.
In a kadhai, heat oil, add mustard seeds,after they sputter, add green chilies and curry leaves, ginger-garlic, turmeric. Saute a while. Add mashed potatoes, salt. Add chopped cilantro.

To make the batter for covering, mix all ingredients listed above. Mix well to ensure that there are no lumps. Careful with the water, the batter mustn't be too runny nor too thick. Like pancake batter.

Heat oil in a kadhai. Make balls of the potato vege. Dip the ball in the batter and deep fry in oil till it turns a nice golden brown. Drain on a tissue.
Serve hot with garlic chutney, fries green chilly and Pav.

*P.S : try drinking hot tea with this... woohaahhhaaaaa.... :D

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  1. HeHeHe!! Indian Burger indeed! That's what I tell my kids and they eat it happily with Ketchup:D

    I love these and your's look delicious.Love the picture.You are tempting me to make some.Thanks girl:)

  2. I made these on Friday,they are so good aren't they?...and I also tried your Sabudana wada recipe over the weekend! They were great!


  3. hey im a ney visitor to your blog.Well i simply love vada pav.Hmm nice pics.

  4. A timely tiffen for this cool weather. Nice presentation Manasi. Happy holidays.

  5. You brought back my memories from college days.... have you tried the mithibai wada pav!!!!! I can taste them as I type this :) Thanks Manasi :)

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  7. Hi ASha, Hehehe! Thanx! this dish is rather tempting isn't it? I already have a demand from the hubby's work pals team to send in LOADS more!!!

    Hey Trupti, cold weather and theses snacks go well!!! Thanx dear!

    HiDr. Bhat, Than u for ur visit and encouraging words! Do visit again!

    Hi Viji, Thanx a lot! Happy Holidays to u too!

    Hey Rooma! Yes I have eaten vada pav at mithibai corner, also the samosa, sandwhich.... yummm, but that was a goodish time ago, when I used to stay in S'cruz.

    Hi Lakshmi, yummmm! :D

  8. Interesting recepie! Do you have one for Garam Chai too?

  9. Came across your blog by the way of Nupur's. Your wadas look perfect :) My mouth is watering just looking at them!

    Can you also post the recipe for the chutney? I think its the chutney that makes or breaks the Batata wada and yours looks just like the real thing.


  10. Hi Suja, For chai.. no i do not have a special recipe, but u can try Foodie's hope, i think she has!

    Hi Swati! thanx a lot for ur compliments.. i will surely post a recipe for this chutney (B wada spl.) sometime soon.... the next time i make wadas!

  11. Hi Manasi,

    You brought back my college & working days memories in Mumbai.
    Wow lovely mouth watering Wada Pav...appala Batata Wada & hiravi Mirchi...
    I have to make them at home now...then only i will feel better..
    Thanks a lot

    Food Lovers

  12. Thanks for a wonderful tip on making batata wada. Having studied through school & college in Mumbai (The Bombay)this great snack was our mainstay during the day. I was such "spoilt" child that without a batata wada & pav with the hot chutney everyday I felt that there was something missing in my diet for the day. Today, living thousands of miles from Mumbai, I used to wait for invitations from my Mumbaikar friends for High-Tea where the wada-pav is pretty ubiquitous.
    With the recipe you have given, I am going to try my hand at making it at home over the weekend. I will certainly give you my comments after I eat all the wadas that I make. (I will be my own guinea pig before I try out on my friends!)

  13. Thanks for the recipe. I could taste some authentic indian cuisine in netherlands !


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