Saturday, May 19, 2007

Q is (also) for Quick Mango Pickle

Summer... unbearable heat.. VACATION from school (no more papers, no more rules... no more teacher's dirty looks!!) ... ice cream... Mangoes!!! aam ka panna and Ma-ke- haath-ka- achaar!!!
The final on the list was my favourite! I used to wait for Mom to make raw mango pickle at home! Watch her choose raw mangoes at the vendor, checking their firmness... always egg her to buy more than her customary 1 kg ( I always wanted her to go with 5 kgs. , that would have been sufficient for a month !! I would say!) Wisdom prevailed over greed and she always bought 1 kg.
I used to pay great attention to all the details of pickling, so much so that my Dad would often comment, " if you paid half as much attention to your books, you would top the school", as always, I ignored him and continued to concentrate 100% on the pickling process!

I could hardly wait for even 2 days till the pickle would marinate and was ready to be eaten!
Indeed one night ( this was when I was in the 4th. grade) I sneaked into the kitchen , quickly opened the jar of pickle and helped myself to a generous helping and sneaked back to my room to eat it. I finished the whole thing, licked all around the bowl and satisfied at having done what I was longing to do and also thinking that it would go unnoticed, I slept ... only to wake up groaning like the dickens..... something had exploded in my tummy... probably a bomb... and with guilt and agony written on my face I went to Mom..

I got no punishment... my parents said I got less than what I deserved and let the matter rest... needless to say, I never made that mistake again!

Now.. I do wait for 2 days as instructed, but on the third day... woe betide anyone who crosses paths with me when I make a beeline towards the pickle jar!!!
It's been a year since I had home made pickle.. I was longing for it.... feeling sad that here I would not be able to get Ma-ke-haath-ka-achaar... when Mom once again comes to the rescue!!!
My neighbour is visiting her son in L.A and Mom sent a packet of pickle mix along with her, explaining that the mix is closest to 'home made taste' and making a pickle with this was EASY and QUICK!!!
I took

1 Big Raw Mango

5 Tbsp. of the Pickle mix

100 gms . Salt

Oil (enough to drown the pickle in it... I know, I know!!)

Step 1 : Wash and wipe the raw mango. Ensure that it is ABSOLUTELY DRY. also ensure that your mouth is tightly shut... in case you are drooling ;)

Chop it into cubes, like so..

Then in a DRY plate, mix the pickle mix and salt with the chopped raw mangoTransfer it to the DRY bottle and add oil

Let this 'sit'/ marinate for 2 days. make a 'takda'/ tempering

Oil, 1tsp Mustard seeds and 1/4 tsp. Asafetida and let it cool completely. After the 'tadka' has cooled down, add to the pickle, mix thoroughly and enjoy with your meals!! ( will add those pics later)

Sending this as my entryfor Q to Nupurs A-Z of Veges .....

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  1. I absolutely love this pickle..Even I used to get impatient to eat it once made..Loved both ur entries for Q:)

  2. Pickle looks so good. I can not wait to try it. Thanks for sharing your experience about the mango pickle. I laughed so hard.

    Enjoy the pickle.


  3. Lovely Pickle.. Looks so tempting!!
    Lucky u got Kpra!! :) We have to survive on readymade ones :(

  4. lovely mother made tons of last week...~grin~...anyway it will not last...we all love mango pickles...yours looks wonderful...thanks for sharing

  5. K-pra is just such an awesome pickle masala! Your picture is making my mouth water :)

  6. Wonderful guide to make loncha. One question - when you mix the ke pra masala with raw mango and salt, and then add edible oil and leave it to marinate for 2 days: Is this oil to be heated and cooled and added? Or just raw? And are you sure that it is to be added before the marination process? And we do not leave the mango+masala+salt mix in a dry condition to marinate?

    Your help will be invaluable.



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