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Here I am .. in time this time too ! for 'P' of Indian Veges @ Nupur's One Hot Stove !!

Every once in a while I go and pig out on oily stuff! Oh Stuff those 'too much fat' 'too many calories' talk.. The bounce off me easily!!

I like to keep in shape.. the nice round shape I am in!

So to treat myself I made puri! with a slight change.. I made Palak Puri! Happily enough I had just this half bunch of spinach in the fridge... fat lot of good that was for making Alu Palak.... wouldn't feed a chicken.. but then... do chicken feed on palak!!??!! hmm...

Anyway... so Palak Puri it was!!

This deep fried goody holds a special place in every body's heart (or so I imagine). We always had Puri on a festival day (Ganesh Utsav, Diwali or when we had guests over for dinner) which was eaten with plain potato vegetable (maybe I'll post this later!!) or with a sweet, like Basundi.. heavenly!!

Or Mum would make masala puri when I had my school picnic, which was an instant hit and the first item to be cleaned up!

For the Puri, I basically used approximates.
~2cups Wheat Flour (Atta)
1/2 bunch of Palak / Spinach
2 tsp Farina/ rava / Sooji
1/4 tsp salt (or to taste)
4-5 sprigs Cilantro
1/2 Serrano Chilly (just to give it a hint of heat)
Water to bind to a dough

Blanch the Spinach and Drain the excess water
Grind spinach, chilly, cilantro to a paste
Mix the paste in the Flour, add the Farina, Salt (the farina makes them crisp)
Bind to a dough (should be stiffer than the normal Roti Dough)

Cover and keep aside for 15 mins
In the meantime, heat oil in a kadhai/ wok
Take small marble size and roll it to a puri
Deep fry in oil.

I served the puri with Alu subzi, and Beet Raita (canned beet (1 tin), chopped into cubes and mixed with plain yogurt, salt and 1/2 tsp of MDH~Raita Mix)

The puris taste great as they are, without any accompaniment, so personally i enjoyed them with Raita and as they are.
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  1. hey manasi
    loved your blog n ofcourse yr style of writing...plak puris look so tempting..wish i cud just pick them straight from the screen n stuff them in my mouth
    am a konkani married to a marathi guy so,loved going thru the authentic marathi keep up the good work

  2. i love pooris period :) those fluffy pooris are yum to look at.

  3. They look so tempting! I too associate Palak puris with school picnics, and with journeys to different places. I have not eaten them in years :) need to make some!

  4. WAH!!!!! Yummy stuff!!!!!

    I like to be in shape..... Round!!! Hahahahaha that was a good one!! :)

  5. gosh you're funny :)

    Palak Puri is a nice treat, I would like this as is too...can I come over for some tea and Puris??


  6. The fluffy puris look so good! :)
    evn I had the same tiffin for picnics.. puri and batata bhaji :) good old memories!!

  7. Oh Manasi,looks fabulous,I will try these.Guess what I cooked for "P"? Pudina Pooris!!;D

  8. great puris ...Any time of the year..I love them ...palak puri ...Can i have the 2 in the plates ...Yummy

  9. HiAnita,Thank U so Much!!! The puri's are a nice variation and a gr8 snack!!

    Reena.. U said it GaL!!

    Hi Nupur! Yes Picnics and puris = Memories!

    Hi Coffee! hehehe! can't do much abt the shape.. I seem to put on even if I breathe, so hey, let me not compromise on good food!!

    Hi Asha, Saw ur Pudina Puris! Look WOW!!

    Hi Deepa,Be my guest, grab 'em.. more on the way!! :D

  10. Look at the brighter side of the poories girl! Spinach is healthy in any form. Yum yum. Love them anytime.

  11. I love the puri my sister makes, she's an excellent cook and makes amazing Indian food. *sigh*
    Thanks for the recipe!

  12. Yummmyyyyyyyyyy..Delicious..
    Don't worry about the round shape..The job will make u thin..

  13. I love palak puris, though I don't make them often due to the oily, now, I hope I don't get told off for mentioning that...

  14. Hi Hema.. you are sooooooooo right, spinach is healthy ;) !
    Hi Sunita.. told off! Good God Girl!! I understand how u feel, I keep off them too, but there is that ocassional slip!!;)

  15. Hi there, I like your blog! Nice recipe it looks yummy :) Feel free to visit my blog too :)

    Click here for jeenas food recipe blog :-)

  16. never tried palak puris interesting...thanks for sharing dear friend...

  17. ha ha ha...even i am in shape, round shape;) LOL...laughing like crazy sitting here in my office and all r staring at me;) who cares;)
    same here, add palak to chapati or poori when i realise half the bunch is rotten and have to do something with leftovers so that i dont feel very guilty of not using them;) beet raits looks fab. never heard of raita mix though. got to search that one:) thanks manasi:)

  18. Hi Manasi,

    I really liked your blog about Pav Bhaji. I am crazy about pav bhaji.
    I would like to connect with you. Please email me at


  19. Mansi, this Lila from Mubai has stolen your Palak poori photo and she has stolen my Pudina poori as well, check this out.

  20. Thanks Asha, I am signing up on that site and leaving a comment for our posts. Ooooh, makes me so mad!


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