Saturday, May 26, 2007

R is for Ringan Curry and Radish Sambar

The first time I heard 'Ringan' ... I absolutely did not connect it to the eggplant.. and had it not been mentioned in a blog (Trupti's!!) , I would never have known!! Well, well... so here we are, yet another eggplant recipe! For someone like me, who would not eat eggplant to save her life... I keep buying it for my significant other half.... and this time googling for recipes I came across this recipe, which was easy and different. Having come across recipes where the eggplant was subjected to roasting, stuffing, baking, this was the first, when I saw this vegetable cooked with methi / fenugreek leaves, and so I decided to make an attempt at cooking it

500 g Fresh ringan / eggplant
200 g Finely chopped tomatoes
10 Pcs finely chopped green chilies (+/-)
½ Bunch finely chopped fresh methi bhaji
1 Tsp haldi
Salt to taste
2 Tsp dhana-jeera

Vaghar ( Tempering ) :
¼ Cup Oil
¼ Tsp Rai
¼ Tsp Methi
¼ Tsp Jeera
Pinch of Hing

¼ Bunch finely chopped fresh dhania.

Wash and cut the ringan into cubes of about 1 inch. (cut ringan when you are about ready to cook. Rub the pieces into about half a teaspoon of salt to stop them turning into black color.)

Vaghar (Tempering) :
Heat oil in a saucepan and add all the other ingredients for tempering
Add fresh methi and cook for few minutes, steering from time to time. Add pieces of ringan, mix well and cook for about five minutes
Add salt, chilies, haldi and cook further ten to fifteen minutes till ringan are fully cooked
Add dhania-jeera powder and cook for further two to three minutes on a very low heat.
I have no idea how this tasted.. However M was of the opinion that it was 'ok' .. 'ummm'..'hum, good', so I leave it to you guys to try and test and taste!
I also made Radish Sambar. For this recipe I peeked into Mahanandi and had wonderful results!! I am not too fond of radish.. too strong for me and so far have never eaten a radish salad, or vegetable... but I do like Mooli ka Parantha... that is the only exception. I was not too sure of how well this would taste in sambar... I mean would it affect the taste with the tartness? Thankfully no, the taste of sambar is as good as it can get!!! Thank U Indira!!!

Excellent accompaniment with Rice, Dosa, Idli.. Yenjoy!!!

This is going in as my entry for 'R' of Nupur's A-Z of Indian Veges

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  1. Ah yes, the famous 'Ringan-Methi nu shaak', it is delicious with chapatis and yogurt. Radish Sambhar looks wonderful.

    enjoy the long weekend!

  2. Ringan curry looks delicious Manasi. We call it Vankaya Methi kura and I often prepare it for chapati.

    Glad to hear that you tried and liked the radish sambar recipe. Radish somehow tastes great with toor dal and sambar masala. It's a good surprise.

  3. I have Ringan this and Ringan that too,I love Ringan!:D I love saying Ringan,can you tell?
    Looks great .I checked that site,is she looking for long lost family? Hope she gets some info.
    I made made Mooli Parathas for R (Radish),loved it.We make Gojju,chutney,sambhar etc routinely in B'lore.Didn't you have Kannadiga neighbor there to teach ya?:D
    Looks delicious.It's stinky but love it:))

  4. Radish sambhar!!!!! That sounds really innovative, I must try that for sure! :)

    I am like you for eggplant!!! I wont eat it to save my life!!! ;)

  5. Oh my, that luscious eggplant in the glistening curry...very yummy! You don't know what you are missing by not eating eggplant :)

  6. This recipe looks simple. I will definitely try.

  7. I love ringan with methi, my old time fav, we add potatoes to it too - comfort food for me.

  8. Hay this recipe is looking very nice...simple one...I love it...

  9. Hi Manasi, I came across your blog when I was at Trupti's blog and I must say you are too good. I am so tempted to start my food blog but haven't gathered the courage to do so. Your recipes look awesome too.

  10. oh wow...another baingan dish!!!! love it love it and absolutely love it....

  11. I love radish sambar...I can't make it as good as Jyostna I am always bugging her make it for me...Ringa curry looks so lovely...thanks for sharing

  12. Hi Trupti! thanx !!! hope u had a gr8 weekend!

    Hi Indira! Thanx for the recipe! & ur right radish tastes better in sambar!

    Hi ASha.... Ringan lover!!!! Well, i had an old crabby lady for a neighbor, who kept staring at me all the time.. kinda sppoky, so I never said a word!!!

    Right on , Coffee!!!

    Hehehehe Nupur!! maybe, but I'll pass !

    Hi Lata! Thanx Honey!

    Hi Saju... hmmm , potato, next time i'll add that, i can eat the methi and potato, hubby can eat the eggplant!

    Thanx Sukanya!!

    Hi Zobars!! thank u sooo much!! and hey, do start ur food blog.. it's addictive!!!

    Hi Sia... another eggplant lover!!!!

    Hi Dilipbhai! Thank u so much....

  13. your radish sambar makes me crave for some. looks so yummy. will have to make them sometime.

  14. hey its same with me. Can only enjoy radish in "mooli ka paratha" :)


  15. This is looking very nice...Great picture...


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