Monday, May 14, 2007

“Things I do daily"

I got tagged by Swapna, for this MeMe long back.... Sorry Swaps, I took my own sweet time, but, better late than never!!

Here's a peek into 'A day in Manasi's Life' ...........

Is it morning already???Oh Noooooooooooo!!

Where's the bathroom? Help me crawl to it..

Top on the agenda....

Motivation to Work!!!

Home and doing what I want to !! THIS I LOVE!!!

The inevitable!!

To-Do list for tomorrow .... Thinking how I can procrastinate!!

Relaxing.......LOVE this too!

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  1. Those cartoons were so very funny..Cute meme:)

  2. How well said in pictures, pretty fun lol :)

  3. That was hilarious!!..ROFL!!:-)))

  4. how cute! loved those cartoons, they said it so well!

  5. too good ...i love the dogs ....sooo sweet

  6. hahahaha..... thats right on target!!! Lovely post. :)

  7. LOL....ROFL... i am laughing like crazy sitting in my office coz i too share most of the things here;)

  8. Commenting for the first time . lol

  9. HI manasi,
    Nice! A picture is worth thousand words...and here you have at least ten thousand cute words:)

  10. Thank U very very much....ALL OF U WONDERFUL PEOPLE!!

  11. very droll & enjoyable tooo!
    old but not senile!

  12. Manasi,

    Its so funny and hilarious. It was a very cute write-up. Lot of fun to read :)



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